Sabtu, 13 Februari 2016

11 days left in the Two Week HCG Challenge!
Day 3 is in the books and I am trying my best to hang on during this two week  HCG challenge. In the last 20 days I have lost 4 pounds (not including whatever I may have lost since starting). That number frustrates me especially because Ive been doing everything in my power to be successful at this. Ive been on Phase 2 of Round 4 for 35 days and Im getting worn out. Im going to finish up this challenge with you ladies and then Im headed into maintenance. :)

See how this group is already keeping me motivated? Love it!

Heres my daily diary for yesterday, day 3 of the two week challenge:
1 large green apple
15 medium shrimp
1 c. cauliflower, boiled with garlic powder
1 Wasa cracker
1 Zevia soda (I know, I know. I said no soda)
2 scoops Triumph Slim

Exercise: No.

Accomplishment: I am really proud of myself for making it through a co-workers bridal shower without eating out (our work catered Zupas) and without eating any cupcakes, not even a bite!
Area of Improvement: I need to get my butt to the gym and I need to avoid that Zevia!

Well, the weekend is here. I struggle on the weekends, much like all of you but we only have 11 more days left on this challenge, and I only have 11 more days left on this round. Regardless of how closely we stick to the diet the time will pass. Might as well make it worthwhile. I will be posting on Saturday and Sunday so if youre struggling, check in with me. We can do this.

Dont forget to post your daily diary in the comments section below! :) Ill be looking for it.

Just in case you didnt see on HCGDiet.coms Facebook page, they are having an amazing sell on their HCG. Buy One Get One Free on 26 & 40 day kits. Seeing how this is the product that Ive used to change my life, I get really excited when it goes on sale and I have the opportunity to stock up. Click here or the image below for purchase info! Offer ends Monday the 25th of Feb. :)

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