Selasa, 05 April 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

Today is Day 5.

Weight goal - 153.2 or lower
Actual weight - 150.8

Blood glucose goal - 89 or lower
Actual blood glucose -85

Today is a Feast Day.

For me, that means a ketogenic diet - high fat, moderate protein and very low carb.  Each day, I will weigh in, check my fasting blood glucose, find out if I will feast or fast that day, update my chart and post it here on the big blog. Im posting it to motivate myself not to give up, and if I think that anyone is looking at this, it will help to keep me accountable.

Yesterday, I had two cups of coffee with Stevia sweetener, one cup of beef broth with sea salt and a glass of water. I always think fasting is going to be harder than it turns out to be. I only really felt hunger one time in the mid-afternoon, and it passed quickly. It helps that I was working all day, so that kept my mind off of it.


I made a few charts to track my progress.  The orange lines are my goals for the next three months. The blue lines are my actual results.  The last chart is a little heat map to show at a glance how often I actually have to fast to achieve the results I am after.

(click charts to enlarge)

This is a personal challenge just for me, but if anyone reading would like to join me, please talk to your doctor and make sure that it will not conflict with your current medical condition or medications.  If you are taking the challenge, please be sure to let me know how you are doing!  Thanks for reading!

To find out more about this challenge - the rules and how it started - click here.

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