Rabu, 24 Februari 2016

I have been on Phase 2 of Round 3 forever.

Seriously though, Im 43 days into my VLCD of the HCG Diet. I fell off the wagon for a little while, but the important thing is that Im back on track with the help of my diet buddy.

I owe all of you an update on my progress. Even though this has taken much longer than needed, Im really proud of my progress... Since June Ive lost 76.4 pounds. Since starting round three in October, Ive lost 20 pounds and only have 10 more pounds to go before Im at my goal for this round :).

Today Im excited to share something monumental. I crossed something else off my 20 things Ill do when Im skinny list!

On Black Friday, my roommate convinced me to go to Victoria Secret at midnight. I wasnt thrilled about the crowds of energized shoppers, but deep down I was excited to buy some cute unmentionables.

In the past, when I weight 285 pounds, I was never able to shop at Victoria secret. When I started this journey I made it one of my goals to lose weight just for the sake of shopping at one of my favorite stores.Thanks to the Black Friday deals, I walked away with more than something sexy. :)  

My hard works is definitely paying off and slowly but surely Im getting things crossed off my list! 

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