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Drinking water is a critical part of any diet, but if youre like me and youre trying to kick a soda habit, it can be hard to make the transition from that sweet, addictive, bubbly poison to plain H2O.

What about Crystal Light?  Good question reader. Let me tell you why even Crystal Light not good for someone trying to be healthier and kick their soda habit. One word: Aspartame. Its that tasty little sweetener that literally acts like a toxin in your body and triggers your brain to crave sugar. Even though its zero calories, its not diet friendly because it can lead to intense cravings and even aspartame poisoning.

Hope that didnt burst the bubbles in your Diet Coke, but here at My Triumph Im all about looking out for your health long term. So even though you cant drink soda, or Crystal Light, or Vitamin Water Zero, you still have ways of getting your H2O in without sacrificing flavor.

Here are four of my favorite beverages that are safe for the HCG Diet, and they are so good that I use them even when Im not on Phase 2:

Lemonade Diet from Blue Earth Nutrition
This tasty little drink comes from an all-natural powder from Blue Earth Nutrition. Basically its a blend of lemon, cayenne pepper, stevia, raspberry ketones, and more. I LOVE the taste. Its lemonade with a kick. But beyond how yummy this stuff is, its packed with health benefits. It helps your body detox, prevents you from retaining water and it can help boost your weight loss results. Just add the powder to water and BOOM. Lemony hydration that makes you skinnier. If I hadnt experienced this drink first hand, Id think its too good to be true.

Triumph Slim
Theres a reason Im always talking about Triumph Slim. Theres a reason that Im constantly blogging about it. It is THE BEST tasting protein shake Ive ever had. It helps me feel full, it satisfies my chocolate cravings, and its a meal replacement. I drink it every day for lunch at work, seriously, everyday. This morning I tossed it in a blender with some fruit, peanut butter, ice and water and drank it as my lunch. Its incredibly versatile for whatever phase of the HCG Diet youre on and its amazing for when you finish the diet but are still trying to avoid stopping for fast food on the go. I simply measure out 2 scoops of the powder, put it in a Ziplock bag and when Im ready, I mix it in 16 oz of water. I cant imagine dieting without this stuff.

Coffee and tea have some amazing health benefits that you can read about on HCGDiet.coms blog. Im not much of a coffee & tea drinker myself but I know several fellow dieters who cant make it without their coffee and tea. I also know that if youre giving up soda, coffee is a healthier source of caffeine.

Crio Bru
This is a newer product on and I highly recommend it. Basically its roasted cocoa beans that are ground and brewed like coffee. Theres no sugar or sweeteners added and its LOADED with antioxidants. It helps suppress your appetite, it is a natural source of energy that is caffeine free and it tastes amazing. Its perfect for the dark chocolate lover.

Consistency and variety are key when youre trying to change habits. I know from experience that staying hydrated, even if its by drinking green tea, coffee, Lemonade Diet, Triumph Slim, or Crio Bru, can dramatically improve your weight loss results, but even more so, your overall health.

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