Rabu, 06 April 2016

Bad days happen, but when a bad day turns into a full on funk, something has to be done. Sometimes when we are caught up in worry and stress, we stop living in the moment and we focus on things in the past or things in the future that are out of our control. Theres a lot of uncertainty in the past and future, so when we stop living in the moment we have a hard time finding things to be happy about. We become so unsure of what we have done and what were going to do that we poison ourselves with negativity. If youre in a funk, if youve stopped living in the moment, this is your reminder that life is beautiful and here are 7 things you should be overwhelmingly happy about.

You Are Beautiful
Truly, I mean it. "But Lowery, you cant see me through a computer screen." Right, reader. I cant. But I do know a couple things about you.
1. You can smile.
2. You have talents and attributes unique to you.
Both of those things make you incredibly beautiful. If you can recognize these things, youre miles ahead of a lot of people in the world. Recognizing your beauty is simple, it just starts with smiling.

There Are People Out There Who Love You
Maybe they are far away, maybe you cant reach them right this minute. But there is someone somewhere who is so happy that you are who you are and that you exist. Know that. Remember that. Give yourself the same patience, love and understanding that they give you. Chances are there is someone you will encounter during your day who is willing to bend an ear or share a smile, and that is something to be happy about.

Hot Showers and Bubble Baths
Youve been freaking out lately over stuff you cant change. You need to relax. Take a bath or a hot shower and soak up the steam. Live in this moment. You are alone, and theres no one bothering you. All you need to worry about is not getting soap in your eye. While youre in there, feel free to belt out some Celine Dion. Trust me. Its therapeutic.

Celebrate the little victories. Maybe you got through a whole day without spilling food on your shirt. Maybe you woke up on time and made it to work five minutes early. Victories. If you are working on things that are getting you closer to a goal, like eating healthier to lose weight, or studying hard to get a 4.0, those are victories. And you deserve to celebrate and be happy for your progress.

No Matter Where You Are, It Could Always Be Worse
If you take a step back and examine the facts, youll realize that things arent so bad. Youre alive, for starters. I am willing to bet that you can easily name 100 things youre grateful for more quickly than you can name 100 things that are ruining your life. I can say that Im pretty blessed. I have a family who loves me, I have a job, I have transportation, I have a lot of modern conveniences. My life could be a helluvah lot worse, and because its not that is something to be happy about.

Tomorrow Can Always Be Better
You decide whether or not you have a good day or a bad day. Its not events that happen to you, and its not people you encounter. Its completely your attitude toward different life situations. So if you decide that tomorrow will be better, it will be better. You cant control what happens to you but you can control how you handle it. Instead of lashing out, put on your headphones and turn on Pharrell.

You know whats really amazing? You can pretty much do anything you set your freaking mind to. The possibilities are endless. Want to run a marathon? You can do it. You want to lose weight? You can do it. You want to become someone new? You can do it. The possibilities for you and your life are incredible. This moment youre in, this funk, its temporary. And if you want to be happy, its completely possible.

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