Selasa, 01 Maret 2016

Yesterday, I challenged eggs for the first time on my modified version of The Virgin Diet. 

  • Acne - No
  • Chronic mucus/stuffy nose - No
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea - No
  • Fatigue - No
  • Food cravings - No
  • Gas and bloating - Yes, in response to protein powder
  • Headaches - No
  • High blood glucose - No
  • Inability to lose weight - No - Starting weight 147.8 - Current weight 144.8 - Goal weight 136 - To get back to goal, need to lose 8.8 more pounds.  Can button "measurement shorts" with a slight "muffin top".  Lost 1 pound yesterday for a total of 3 pounds in 22 days.
  • Insomnia - No
  • Joint pain - No
  • Thinning, limp, lackluster hair -No
  • Muscle pain  -Yes, because I went for miles-long walks two days in a row and hurt my calf
  • Nausea - No
  • Swollen fingers - No


Yesterday, I ate this:

120g fat (75%)
72g protein
18g carbs

Im trying something a little different with my macronutrient breakdown.  I looked back at my menus for the summer of 2009, when I first started to lose weight.  At that time, I was eating more like this:

108g fat (67%)
90g protein
27g carbs

I ordered some more blood ketone testing strips, and I want to see if I can eat a little bit more protein and still stay in ketosis.  Although I have not been testing, Im sure that I have been in ketosis this past three weeks, but its hard (as I have whined about before) to eat so little protein that I can only eat two meals a day to avoid getting only a few bites with each of three meals.

Anyway, until the strips arrive in the next 7-10 days, I am going to increase the protein a little bit and reduce the fat and carbs a little bit and see if I continue to lose weight.


For lunch yesterday, I ate three scrambled eggs with onions and coconut oil.  What a delight to get to eat eggs again!  The challenge is to eat eggs once a day for four days in a row and track my symptoms.  So how did I do?

I really enjoyed my eggs and I did not notice any symptoms of intolerance.  However, after dinner, I was short just a little bit of protein, so I had 7 teaspoons of protein powder mixed with a little water.  Within 20-30 minutes, I experienced very sharp stomach pain for several minutes, and then it stopped.  I had forgotten that I used to have these pains on a regular basis.  The pain was so bad that I was a little doubled over!  I will stay away from that protein powder from now on.




When I started this experiment, I weighed 147.8 pounds with 37.6% body fat, which comes out to 55.6 pounds of body fat and 92.2 pounds of lean mass.  This morning, I weighed 144.8 with 36% body fat, which comes out to 52.1 pounds of body fat and 92.7 pounds of lean mass. 

So, even though I have only lost 3 pounds according to the scale, I have actually lost 3.5 pounds of body fat and gained 0.5 pounds of lean mass.

To reach my goal of 136 pounds with 30% body fat, I need to lose another 11.3 pounds of body fat and gain another 2.5 pounds of lean mass.

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can click on the link at the beginning of this post or you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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