Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Earlier this week I talked about my roommate joining me on HCG. While I love all the support I receive from her, I realize that not everyone has this same advantage.  In fact, Im guessing many of you are the only ones in your households following protocol. Maybe you dont have anyone in your area to turn to about HCG questions. Feeling alone on your journey can be incredibly discouraging.

Well, Im here to tell you, as hokey as it sounds, were all in this together. Just because you dont have a live-in diet buddy, doesnt mean you cant get the support you need.

Today I wanted to introduce you to some blogs I enjoy reading when Im feeling alone in my diet endeavor.

The first blog is a current HCG dieter named Heather. I love how up front Heather is about whats going on in her diet world. Shes a strong lady with a very supportive husband. Shes working her way towards some inspiring accomplishments. If you have any frustrations or questions, Heather is a great woman to connect with. You can check out her blog here. 

This second blog is from a former HCG dieter named Kristy. She writes about a variety of topics. I love hearing about her healthy goals as well as the fun adventures shes up to. There have been many days where I visit her site hoping to get diet advice, but instead she posts something wonderfully unrelated that brightens my mood and somehow inspires me to continue through my diet frustrations. You can check out her blog here.

As always, Im more than happy to answer your questions that you post in the comments section below or send to my email: lowery@hcgdiet.com

Do you follow any HCG Diet blogs? If so, which ones?

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