Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

Well I made it through day one of my simplified diet, only thirteen days to go! Im excited that so many of you are doing this challenge with me. Remember, today is the first day youll post your daily diary in comments section below. If you arent sure what to include, check out mine below!

Weekly weigh-in: 192.4 lbs

Food Journal
1 large Granny Smith apple
4 pieces of Xilo Gum
4.5 liters of water
2 Lemonade Diet detox caps
1 can lean, fat-free chicken
1 tsp. Louisiana hot sauce
1 Wasa cracker
1 c. broccoli
2 scoops Triumph Slim

Exercise: None, day off. :)

I did really well with drinking my water!
Area of improvement:
I didnt get in my second serving of veggies, I have a hard time doing that when I have class, but I think I can figure out a way to do it!

Hang in there everyone! We can do this! :)

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