Minggu, 28 Februari 2016

Can you guess where Im headed with this?

M I C K E Y M O U S E!!!

The kids and I need to get away. We need a distraction from life in general, where we can just focus on having FUN, and doing exciting things. We need something to look forward to.

Honestly, I was seriously considering going the Europe route. Barry and I always wanted to take the kids back when they were older. Id love to do that now, but honestly, I dont think that the kids would enjoy it very much. And A being dragged around London and Paris and Germany at 4 years old? no thanks. Thats a melt down waiting to happen. As much as I would love, love, LOVE to do that, I just cant right now. The kids wouldnt appreciate it as much as I would like them too, so that will be on hold for a few years. That way I can also ask my nomadic brother to come with us. Ill want to take the kids to all of our old haunts in Germany, see as much of England/Ireland/Scotland that we can, and also go to France and maybe even Prague. So you can see why that will be hard with all the kids, at this age especially.

So Disneyland it shall be. I cant go during May, because thats when the kids have their WASL testing. Our spring break isnt until the first week in April, but Im thinking Disneyland will be too busy then. So my other options are between the 22nd and 26th of March, not including weekends (Early release week because of Conferences), and then the last week of March right before Spring Break, and then I would keep them out for two weeks. Anyone thats gone, when is a good time to go? Ive always found Easter break to be easy too, which is when I went as a young kid and it was never too busy.

I am craving some time away. I just want to leave to be completely honest. I want a break. No, I dont want, I NEED a break. We just need to get away and have fun! Go to Disneyland, go to Disneys California Adventure, Knotts Berry Farm, do all that fun stuff.

So my task for you is this...help me plan! Give me advice on the trip, EVERYTHING about Disneyland that you can. Money is not really an object, Im not worried about that. Im planning on splurging a bit anyway, as this will be a first plane trip vacation for the kids.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

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