Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Well, clearly I fell a bit behind this weekend on reporting my food journals. I have to say, though, that Im pleased with how this weekend turned out for me. I did pretty good staying focus, even when I was surrounded by temptation.

Since I slacked on posting this weekend, I have 3 journals for you. :)

7 strawberries
3 oz canned chicken
1 Wasa cracker
1/2 c. cherry tomatoes
2 scoops Triumph Slim
1/2 c. cherry tomatoes
1/4 c. apple cider vinegar (the lazy girls cali kicker)
3 L. water

Accomplishment: I got in all my servings of food.
Area of Improvement: I ate dinner around 9, I should have planned ahead by packing my slim to my hair appointment.

1 egg
8 strawberries w/ stevia
1/2 c. cherry tomatoes
Chicken (from Rice Garden)
1/2 c. cherry tomatoes
3 L. water

Accomplishment: I managed to avoid eating any popcorn at the movie theater!
Area of Improvement: Today was difficult because I was running around all day. I packed a can of chicken without thinking to open the can and put it in a container. When dinner rolled around I wasnt near a can opener, so I grabbed some chicken from a little Chinese restaurant in the grocery store. So I ate out after being so good. :( But... the good news is that I got it without any sauce. No more of that though.

1 large Granny Smith apple
3 oz can of chicken
3 cups kale chips
2 scoops of Triumph Slim
2 L. water

Accomplishment: I went to Village Inn and didnt even get anything, nope, not even pie. Woot woot!
Area of Improvement: Im still working out a way to cut down salt on the kale chips. :) Its a work in progress.

Tomorrow marks then end of Week 1 of the 2 Week HCG Challenge. This means that tomorrow is weigh in day for me! Too bad TOM came yesterday. I may or may not be retaining water when I step on the scale. Cest la vie.

Can I just say how excited I am for Phase 3! :) I am getting extremely pumped to join a gym and just go to work. Something tells me this spring is going to mark the beginning of a new me.

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