Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

So I started this round of my HCG journey wanting to exercise during Phase 2. The first day on the VLCD I got in a great workout and felt great afterward! The next day I lost weight. I figured this was good news since I have been cautioned against working out on the diet. Ive read and been told that burning too many calories in a workout can make you gain weight. Feeling a little sore, I thought I was in the clear. Then yesterday I stepped on the scale and was up 2.4 pounds! I was mortified. Ive never had a gain like that on Phase 2 without cheating. I definitely felt discouraged yesterday. Then I got to thinking... something isnt right. There is no way that I gained that weight... theres no way that I burned that many calories. All I did was cardio and some toning.

So I did some research. I found out that when you do a workout that leaves your muscles sore, chances are your body is retaining fluid in your muscles to help repair the small tears incurred during the workout. According to a dailyspark.com, when you do an unfamiliar workout you can gain up to 3-4 pounds a few days after the workout. Reading this made me relieved, and it also made me a little hesitant to work out again.

I will probably just stick to walking for now and slowly bring in a few light toning exercises. I think doing squats, lunges, calf raises, and plied calf raises all at once was just a little too much.

This morning I stepped on the scale feeling less sore, and was down 2.2 pounds from the day before. :) Well see what happens tomorrow.

Today I am drinking lemon in water which acts as a diuretic. Im hoping this will help me flush out some of the extra fluid in my system.

If you want to learn more about temporary gains after your workout, check out the article I read on dailyspark.com.

What did you do for workouts oh Phase 2 of the HCG Diet? Do you do any weight training or toning? Leave your experiences below!

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