Kamis, 11 Februari 2016

I have trouble blogging about Barry sometimes. I dont like to remember when I can help it, but sometimes I just need to do it. Honestly its just easier to go through each day and not think about him.

Its how I cope. I just forget most of the time.

So I had this idea to remember him this year. I thought that on every single special event, or day that is significant, I would post a memory of that day. Talk about why it is important, tell you all about my memory of that day, and share my feelings on it.

The first one that will be coming up is January 17th. Ill leave it at that. It was a really important day to me 11 years ago. After that comes the twins birthdays, then a day at the end of February. Then his birthday in March, As birthday in March, a day in April, etc etc. Most of these days are significant from the first year we knew each other, but other days have had special meaning throughout our marriage and our life together. Some months will have quite a few days of memories, and others will have only one if that. And if that month doesnt have a special day, then I will write about something that actually happened during that month sometime during our marriage.

Im looking forward to sharing with you all. It will give you all a glimpse into our lives and our past, while still allowing me to remember and grieve, and laugh, cry, be happy and sad all at the same time.

Look for the first "A Year of Memories" post on January 17th.

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