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Staying positive while youre on a diet is hard. Especially when you have, what I like to call, a Bad Body Day. You know, the days where your clothes dont seem to fit right, you feel 10 pounds heavier, and all you want to do is lay in bed and spend some quality time with your good buddies Ben & Jerry.

Remember the dressing room scene from White Chicks where Lisa has a complete meltdown? Yeah,  thats a Bad Body Day.

What happens when you have a Bad Body Day in the middle of your diet? If you let it go too far, your negative frame of mind can wreck your progress.Theres no room for negativity in your life if youre trying to lose weight and get healthy. A body transformation comes from self love, not self hate. Here are 8 common thoughts that are ruining your weight loss.

Im starving - Are you starving or are you sad? Theres a big difference. If youre truly hungry, cut up some celery. If celery doesnt sound good, youre not hungry. Youre trying to feed your emotions. Emotional eating leads to indulgence and, often times, overeating.

I cant have that. - Well you can, but you know that its not going to help your diet. Instead of saying, "cant," try saying, "I dont want that." Seriously, try it. Remember that if you really slow down and think about it, you want to be healthy more than you want a cupcake. So dont tell your friends you cant have it. Tell them you dont want it.

I am so fat. - No youre not. Plain and simple. What does that even mean? How can you be fat, youre a
person. You may have some fat, yes, but you also have skin, and bones, and a soul. Instead of, "Im so fat," try, "Im a work in progress. Today is a new day." You still acknowledge that you have room to improve but you dont use any terms that society has created to deem you less of a person.

I cheated, the day is ruined. - If you slip up, it doesnt mean the day is ruined. Just get back on track as soon as you can and  drink a ton of water! Dont dwell in guilt, just move on. You cant undo it, just do better.

I wish I looked like her - Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Youre not that person, you have different body types, different genetics. You are your own person and you dont need to be anyone else. When you compare yourself to some unattainable figure, youre setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead of wanting to be someone else, try naming off one thing you like about your body and one thing you can improve. "I like that I have long legs. Im working on toning them."  Do this every time you find yourself wanting to look like someone else.

I cant do this - With a bad attitude, its hard to accomplish anything. So if you think you cant you wont. Never say cant. You can. You will. Repeat that daily, "I can do this. I will do this."

Im never going to reach my goal - Reaching a goal takes time. It wont happen over night. Set a timeline for yourself. If you know youre losing two pounds every week and youre trying to lose ten pounds, you will reach your goal in 5 weeks. 5 weeks isnt long at all. You can totally do that! Never is a strong word that can be discouraging. Be patient with your weight loss.

I should just give up - No you shouldnt. Youre doing this because you want it. So dont give up on yourself. Ever. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to put effort into being healthy. Instead of giving up, say, "I had a bad day today. Tomorrow will be better. I deserve to be happy and healthy. I deserve to have my dream body."

Bad Body Days happen. Dont let negative thinking get the best of you and your goals. Change those negative thoughts into something positive. Move on. Give yourself some credit for the beautiful person you are and the beautiful person you are trying to become. Youre may be under construction, a work in progress, but you are NEVER a failure.

Are you guilty of saying any of the Bad Body Day phrases?

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