Rabu, 23 Maret 2016

Just eat meat.  

That is what I have been doing for three weeks now.  Well, mostly meat, anyway.  As you can see by my food logs below, I have also been eating Fat Bombs, which contain almond butter, cocoa power and Stevia.

Here are my food logs.  Click on any chart to enlarge it.

This was my average macronutrient intake during Week 3:

This past week, I lowered the fat grams just a little, in the hope that it would encourage my body to burn some of its own fat instead of the fat I am eating.  It seems like that is working, because I lost body fat in this past week.


Because I am eating the way I am every day, I am not checking blood glucose or ketones on a daily basis.  Before breakfast on August 10, I checked them both.  My blood glucose was 79 and my blood ketones were 2.6.  My average ketone reading is only 1.7, so I am happy about that.


My main concern is that I regulate my blood sugar, but I still have too much body fat and Im hoping this way of eating will help me in that regard. 

I held true to my decision not to weigh every day, but I did weigh this morning, and I will continue to weigh just once per week.  I also decided to post my average charts, which show what the average of all my numbers are for the past week as one weekly number.  Here are my charts:

Since I started ZC three weeks ago, I have:

Lost 1/8" around my neck
Lost 3/4" around my waist
Lost 1/2" around my belly
Lost 1/4" around my hips
Lost 1/8" around my calf
Lost 1.1 percentage points off of my body fat
Gained 1.1 percentage points onto my lean mass
Lost 2.9 pounds of body fat
Lost 0.7 pounds of lean mass


I have a goal weight and body composition:

11.75" neck 
28.5" waist
38.5" hips
136 pounds on the scale
30% body fat
70% lean body mass

To reach that goal, I need to:

Lose 0.125" around my neck
Lose 2.75" around my waist
Lose 1.75" around my hips
Lose 9.4 pounds of body fat
Gain 3.6 pounds of lean body mass


Im going to try some intermittent fasting in this coming week.  Ill give you the details later...

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