Sabtu, 27 Februari 2016

This little cutie is my grandson, and he turned three on Wednesday!  And, of course, there was cake and ice cream.  I decided that because I have been so low carb and doing well (blood ketones and blood glucose at great levels), that I would go ahead and have a very small sliver of the cake and a few bites of vanilla ice cream.

I tested my blood glucose an hour and a half later, and it was 117.  Two and a half hours later, it had risen to 141.  By three and a half hours, it was started to drop again - down to 106.

My normal reading are no higher than 91 after eating.  I guess Ive learned my lesson.  To keep my blood sugar in normal ranges, Im just going to have to forgo the wheat and sugar, as disappointing as that is.

Jumping ahead of my story a little bit, it took me three days for my blood glucose to get back into the normal range.  So, eating just a small sliver of cake and a half of a scoop of ice cream raised my blood sugar for three days.

The morning after the birthday party, I tested my blood ketones.  My normal has been an average of 2.4, but that morning it had gone down to 1.7.  The next day, Friday, it was still only 1.8, and this morning it was only 2.0.  Those are still within the target area, but they obviously went down and I want them to go back up to where they were before.  So, for blood ketones, after three days, they are still depressed due to what I ate.

From left to right - my grandson, Will, the Birthday Boy, my father, me, my son, Barry and my granddaughter Annelise.  Four generations!

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