Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

To My Much Appreciated Readers:

My humble, little blog has been targeted by a spammer.  For those who may not know what this means, there is a person "out there" who is being paid to place comments on my blog that contain links to other websites that are selling things, like diets, jewelry, lawn furniture and perfume, just to name a few.  I was gone for the whole day recently, and when I returned home, I found more than fifty comments awaiting moderation that were all made by the same spammer.  It took me about twenty minutes to open them, identify them and delete them.  Yesterday, there were twenty of them waiting for me to deal with when I returned from work.  Its very disheartening!

Because my blog does not require that you register, people can leave comments under "Anonymous."  The problem is that spammers can also do this, and they can leave many, many, many comments that I then have to deal with.

So, from now on, I am going to ask that you register to leave a comment.  I dont get a ton of comments anyway, so I am hoping that those of you who want to comment will not mind this one little step - that you only have to do one time - to save me the hassle and frustration of dealing with the spammers.

The only other choice is to make you do that other thing - every time you comment - where you have to type in the squiggly letters/numbers in order to leave your comment.  I, personally, hate those things and have to go through a few of them every time because they are so hard to read.  I would rather not comment at all rather than have to do that!

So, sorry!  I just cant waste my time with the spammers anymore.  If you watched the video above, you will get just a hint of how I feel every time I open my email to find Ive been spammed once again.  "I dont like Spam!"

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