Sabtu, 09 April 2016

Im always looking for pointers on healthy living. I have a collection of recipes, exercises, and motivational experiences saved away for when I finish my HCG Diet journey. Once I get to my goal weight, I will embark on a new journey of maintaining long term. I am not going back to my sedentary, indulgent lifestyle. Luckily this task becomes easier thanks to some of my favorite healthy websites!

Here are 3 brief introductions to websites you NEED to follow.

Not a day goes by that I dont pin something from fitsugars website. They never fail to deliver a recipe, workout routine, or inspirational idea that motivates me to push through the hard days of this weight loss process. I love that they have a whole section devoted to calorie breakdowns. Here they explore the calories in certain foods compared to others. Its very informative and has helped me avoid some caloric mistakes. Check out this article about Egg Whites v. Whole Eggs.

I love how simple is. It is so easy to find what youre looking for. They have 3 health related categories: health, happiness, and fitness. Each category has great information, and if you dont find what you are looking for you can always use their A-Z directory. I almost couldnt believe it when I found this article with 246 affordable healthy recipes. Not only is their content motivational, but it is useful!

 always has amazing articles. I love that they keep things simple and give me visuals. They have a food & diet section and a fitness section that I frequent. I loved their article about Sticking to Your Diet on Date Night. They also have a calorie counter that is easy to use, and I actually prefer theirs over the one on the MyFitnessPal app.

If you dont have these amazing diet resources bookmarked, I strongly suggest it! They are essential to anyone looking for support on their diet journey.

What are your favorite healthy websites?

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