Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Yesterday, I completed Day 12 of my modified version of The Virgin Diet. 

  • Acne - No - No new zits
  • Chronic mucus/stuffy nose -Yes - More than usual
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea - Yes - The latter, thrice yesterday
  • Fatigue -No
  • Food cravings - No
  • Gas and bloating - No
  • Headaches - No
  • High blood glucose - No
  • Inability to lose weight - No - Starting weight 147.8 - Current weight 144.8 - Goal weight 136 - To get back to goal, need to lose 8.8 more pounds.  Can button "measurement shorts" with a slight "muffin top".  Weight stayed the same yesterday for a total of 3 pounds in 12 days.
  • Insomnia - No
  • Joint pain - No
  • Limp, lackluster hair - Yes
  • Muscle pain  - No
  • Nausea - No
  • Swollen fingers - Yes - Having trouble getting my rings off in the morning


Yesterday,  I ate  normal breakfast and lunch, as was tracking everything, and then found out at the last minute that we were going out to a pizza place after our sons college graduation.  I did not know ahead of time that this was happening, and it kind of threw me for a loop.  Even though I am off dairy for this three weeks, I went ahead and ate just the cheese, pepperoni and pizza sauce off of the pizza crust.  I did not eat the crust.

I had carefully planned this diet to take place when there were no family parties or holidays, but this took me by surprise, and if I had not eaten the cheese, I would have been sitting in the restaurant not eating while everyone else ate and my son would have been angry/hurt.

Anyway, I expected to gain weight, but I did not, and I am back on plan this morning.  I did notice that I have a stuffy nose this morning, worse than usual.  Is this a symptom that I have an intolerance to dairy?  I guess Ill find out soon when I do my actual test of dairy in a couple of weeks.

Also, my blood glucose this morning was a little higher than normal at 91.  I like it to be in the low to mid 80s.

I drank 72 oz. of water, but never within an hour before eating or an hour after eating, in order to not dilute my stomach acid.

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can click on the link at the beginning of this post or you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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