Selasa, 09 Februari 2016

This year I decided not to set any resolutions, mostly because Im already more than half way to my major goal of losing 120 pounds. That being said, I know there are a lot of people out there who have taken the first step toward changing their life by setting a resolution to lose weight. Honestly, resolutions get a bad wrap. People are going to tell you that youre going to give up just like millions of others will, but you dont have to!

If youre here reading this blog, I want you to make me a virtual pinky promise that you wont give up...PROMISE!

Now that we got that out of the way... Here are 5 ways you can stick to your New Years resolution to lose weight.

1. Want it! 
I never had success losing weight until now. Why? Well besides not having a good program, I didnt want it badly enough. Finally I looked in the mirror and thought, "I deserve better." As soon as I decided that the rest was history. Ask yourself, "why do I want it?" If youre going to hate every second of losing weight you will never be able to stick with it. Dont look at losing weight as torture, look at is a welcomed and needed change.

2. Be realistic
For me to say I want to weight 110 pounds is not realistic. That isnt a healthy weight for my body. When you are picking your goal weight make sure its one that fits your timetable and is going to be attainable for your body type.

3. Dont be vague
Dont say I want to lose weight, say I want to lose x amount of pounds. Dont say I will start in January, say I will start on date x. When youre specific, your goals become more real.

4. Focus on your process
What exactly will you do to reach this goal? What will you eat, how often will you work out, what will keep you accountable. Put trust in the process so when you are having a hard day you know that you will be rewarded by your hard work.

5. Address roadblocks
Make a list of potential setbacks you may encounter. This may include vacations, holidays, moving, family problems, or even surgeries. Plan for these roadblocks and write down solutions. This will prepare you to stick to your process even when the going gets tough.

Did you set a weight loss resolution this year?

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