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The recent passing of Peaches Geldof has stirred up a lot of controversy about her diet and diet history. While her autopsy was inconclusive and the tox screen is being processed, many wonder if her eating habits played a role in her sudden death.

 It saddens me to see a young mother die so soon. It saddens me even more to think that it may have been because of her desire to lose weight.

This thought has urged me to examine my current diet as well as offer some advice on what it looks like to over-diet.

Like many girls and women I know what it feels like to NEED to lose weight. I know how it feels to be desperately unhappy with your body. I also know what it feels like to lose weight, and I know how easily a healthy adjustment can turn into an unhealthy obsession.

So that raises the question, are your goals unrealistic? Are you going overboard with your diet?

Here are 6 signs that you are over-dieting and losing weight in an unhealthy way:
1. You arent eating any unprocessed solid foods for long periods of time. If you daily menu is made up of weight loss shakes and pills and not much else, you need to make some adjustments. But what about juicing? If you are going to do a juicing diet, make sure that you do your research and consult a physician before you start.

2. You get really light headed and sometimes even pass out. This is most likely do to not eating enough or not eating the right kinds of foods. If you are on a diet that doesnt allow you to eat protein then its time to check out another option.

3. You are overwhelmingly tired. This is also another sign that your body isnt getting the nutrients it needs. Your diet needs to include fruits, vegetables and proteins. The plain and simple fact is this: your body needs a certain amount of fuel to function. If you dont get that fuel, you might lose weight but your body will start shutting down.

4. You feel guilty when you eat healthy foods. You shouldnt feel guilty for eating more celery than what your diet plan allows. You shouldnt feel guilty when you eat a nice well rounded meal. If you notice this happening, it might be a sign that you are becoming obsessed with losing weight. Take a step back an re-examine your priorities.

5. You are going long periods of time on a restricted calorie diet without seeing any weight loss. Your body is most likely in starvation mode. It isnt getting enough calories and so it is storing what you eat to save for later because it doesnt know if youll be feeding it again.

6. You are skipping meals or throwing up to make up for things you dont think you should have eaten.

None of these things are healthy. In fact, if you feel or do any of these things long term, it can have serious effects on your body.

It is so easy to go from being healthy and losing weight to obsessing and causing more harm than good. So when it comes to the HCG Diet, there are certain measures you need to take to make sure youre going about things the healthy way. Here are some tips for making sure you stay healthy while on the HCG Diet:

1. Eat all of your servings of food, even if you arent hungry. Because of the appetite suppressants in the HCG Triumph formula, toward the end of your round on HCG you may not feel very hungry but it is essential to eat all of your food. Each serving is planned specifically to give your body nutrients that it needs.

2. If you feel light headed, eat an extra serving of protein. You body may need some additional protein temporarily, especially around your period.

3. If you start to feel sleepy on the HCG Diet, make sure you are taking your Vitamin B12 supplement as well as your multivitamin. Both are meant to give you energy and keep you feeling great while you lose weight.

4. If you feel hungry and need to eat some extra celery, that is OK. Really it is. While the HCG protocol is strict when it comes to servings of food, you know your body best. You never need to feel guilty about eating additional vegetables.

5. The HCG Diet is done is cycles. Your first round on the 500 calorie diet lasts between 10-40 days. Then you cycle off the 500 calories and in to maintenance. Maintenance should be 4-6 weeks long and ideally it is done for as many days as you were on the low calorie portion. The Maintenance Phase is critical to your overall health and it needs to be done EVERY TIME you do the HCG Diet. Dont skip it because you are 5 pounds away from your goal and just a few more days will get you there. Maintenance allows you body and your metabolism to adjust to your new weight and more calories.

6. If you have a cheat day, dont try to correct it by throwing up or skipping meals. Just move one. The next day will start fresh and you can do better. Throwing up and skipping meals is never a healthy option and there are always alternative ways to get back on track. Always strive to do better the next day, dont let the mistakes from today push you to do things that will harm your body.

When done the right way, the HCG Diet isnt over-dieting. It can be a great jump-start to help you lose weight. Just make sure that when you do it, you follow the protocol that was built for your body to stay healthy.


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