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Do you ever feel like a failure? What about when it comes to eating healthy, exercising or doing a diet program?

I read an interesting article (which Im not entirely sure is reliable) that stated that the average woman who diets will try two times as many diets as shell have sexual partners. So... Whats your number? No... not number of sexual partners, how many diets have you tried?

Im not sure that this rings true in all cases, but even just thinking about it, I know true for some of my girlfriends. In some cases, Im willing to bet its more than twice the amount.

I read another statistic that by the end of her life, the average woman has spent 31 years dieting! WHHHHAAAATTTT? How crazy is that? Why do we do it to ourselves? Well I think part of it is the media telling us that we need a diet to be thinner and happier, but I also think that the larger part of it is a continual cycle of negative self talk.

 Heres what I mean:

Youre feeling great, you feel like you look great. Then something happens. Youre out with family and they pressure you into eating bad food, or you have a bad day and slip up. Then suddenly you feel fat and bloated. Thats when you start your diet. The First week, youre losing weight and you feel good. Then you have a hard day and binge. You get discouraged for having a hard day, you feel like a failure so you eat more. You feel like a hopeless case so you try to act like youre OK with not losing weight. You decide to just try to be healthy instead of focusing on weight loss. Your healthier choices make you feel good, you feel like you look good... and then the cycle starts again.

Lets correct some of the emotional, negative statements from the image:
1) You are NOT a failure because you slip up.
2) You do NOT suck.
3) You are NOT a pig.

4) You CAN lose weight
5) You CAN decide to do better
6) You CAN feel confident regardless of how much you weigh

Lets look at the facts of the situation. You messed up. You know that sticking to your diet makes you feel good. You know that eating bad food makes you feel bad. But all of these things are easily changed.


As soon as you tell yourself youre a failure, youve failed. Not because you arent good at a diet, but because youve failed to find the innate value of all of the other things that make you an incredible person. Youve failed to get back on the horse. Having a binge day is not a failure. Its a human experience that you can learn to control. The real failure is in convincing yourself that you arent capable of doing hard things. The real failure is negative self-talk.

Even the best of us do it. Each day we wake up we wage a war on ourselves wishing we were taller, shorter, skinnier, curvier, darker, lighter, happier, funnier. We do it to ourselves, and its time to stop.

Im not saying that we stop making an effort to be healthier or to improve ourselves. What Im saying is that if you decide that you want to lose weight, and if you decide that you want to go on a diet, make sure you are avoiding this cycle. More often than not, negativity and feeling like a failure are the main reasons people give up on their diets.

So how do you stop it? How do you break the cycle even when youve messed up? Its simple, so simple, in fact, that I can sum up the idea in two words: Begin Again.

 So what? You binged. Honestly darling, its not a big deal. Im going to let you in on a little  BIG secret: if you get back on track the next day, chances are most of the weight you gained (if any) will come off within 48 hours. All you have to do is give it two honest days of sticking to your program. Boom. Youre back on track.

When you feel negative, remind yourself that you have more to offer this world besides being thin. You are so much more than a number on your scale, and if youre trying to improve that number, dont let the progress or setbacks of that one goal affect your ENTIRE day, week or even month. Its only a small aspect of who you are so it only deserves a small aspect of your emotions. There is always tomorrow. Breathe in and begin again.

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