Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

I should never have started a diet without James being here... I failed miserably this weekend.  The good thing is, he and I both started the fat smash diet together, this morning.  I think that I will be able to do a lot better with him here because I have someone to motivate me, and watch if I try to cheat lol.  Ive set a new goal (honestly, I cant remember what my goal was from my last post, and Im really too lazy to go reference it right now) and I want to be down two jean sizes by mid August when I go to Camp Widow.

Ive been assured that I can easily do that as I have just under 3.5 months till I leave.  Im hoping I can get in shape enough to do the 5K Widow Dash there too, but well see.  The best I can do is try, right? I dont even know how much weight that would be to lose, 30lbs maybe? Possibly.  I really dont care about the weight at all, I just want to lose sizes and feel good about myself.

I really dislike dieting.  It plain old sucks.  I miss food.  The funny thing is, we get a lot of food on this diet, but its missing the good stuff.  The meat, the hearty food.  I cant have any of that for the next 9 days.  So May 10th is when we can have meat again.  Im already counting down the days.

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