Senin, 04 April 2016

Yesterday, I completed Day 3 of The Virgin Diet.

  • The arthritis pain in my right hand has diminished greatly, as has the pain in my left foot.
  • Due to poor planning, I ate breakfast at 5 am and then did not eat lunch until 2 pm.  I was starving.  I will plan better in the future.
  • I lost energy and had to take a nap after eating lunch in the middle of the day.
  • I did not check my blood glucose, but since I did nothing different, I assume it was good.
  • I had a better day in the bathroom.  Almost normal.
  • I went to bed at 10:00 last night, slept through the night and woke up to the alarm this morning at 4:30 feeling tired.  I was not starving when I woke up.
  • I gained 0.6 pounds yesterday for a total loss of 0.8 pounds in 3 days.  To get back to my goal weight, I need to lose 11 more pounds.
  • I could almost button my "measurement shorts" even though the scale said I gained weight.
  • There is one symptom that I forgot to mention that I have, which JJ mentions in her book:  My hair has gotten thin and lifeless.  It just hangs there and looks bad.  I am hoping this will improve, as JJ says it should!

Starting weight - 147.8
Current weight - 147
Goal weight - 136

I normally eat like this:

135g fat (78%)
57g protein
28g carbs

Yesterday, I ate like this:

142g fat (65%)
96g protein
78g carbs

One of the requirements of this protocol is that you journal everything, including what you eat, what you felt like, how your symptoms are, how your elimination is, how your sleep is, etc.  So Im going to use this blog as a way to keep track.  If your find this helpful, great.  If you are totally bored by it and want to make a snarky comment, please keep it to yourself and just stop reading.  I say this due to some snarky comments I got the last time I was blogging.  Anyway, on to my journaling...

I had shakes for breakfast and lunch that were comprised of coconut milk, water, non-dairy protein powder, ground flax seed, raw kale, frozen berries and a few drops of Stevia.  At lunch time, I also had one once of almonds.

For dinner, I had a quarter of a large can of wild caught canned salmon, onion and morel mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil and sea salt and a small serving of Bubbies Sauerkraut.  I eat Bubbies because it is prepared using traditional methods, unlike the sauerkraut that you normally get at the store.  I am going to try to eat a little each day in an attempt at getting fermented foods into my regular diet.  I would love to try making my own, but Im a little intimidated.  Some day...

Yesterday, I broke down and bought a bottle of Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil.  I will take 2 tsp. per day.  It has a slight lemon flavor and is not nasty to take.  Read about the benefits of cod liver oil here.

I ate breakfast at 5 am, lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 7 pm.  I did not feel like snacking after dinner.

I drank 72 oz. of water, but never within an hour before eating or an hour after eating, in order to not dilute my stomach acid.

Yesterday, I roasted a Pine Manor Farms organic chicken that I bought at Whole Foods Market.  I really need to find a source of chicken and eggs (hopefully) that have not been fed soy.  The chicken package said that it was fed an all-vegetable diet, non-GMO, etc., but it did NOT say that it was not fed soy.  I wrote to the company to find out and Im waiting to hear back from them.  Everywhere I look, the chickens are fed soy.  Ugh.

After the chicken is eaten, I will be making bone broth from the carcass, using this new method I found.  Ill let you know how it turns out.  Bone broth is very healing to the gut and I would like to arrange my life and habits to include always having homemade bone broth on hand to drink every day.  

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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