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On July 9, 2012, I started eating in such a way as to be fueled by Nutritional Ketosis.  If you are new here and do not know what that means, look at the links at the bottom of this post to read more about it in detail.  The short version is this:  I am eating very high fat, moderate protein and very low carb.  For the first several weeks, I was testing my blood ketone levels with a hand held monitor.  I have stopped doing this because the strips are very expensive and I know that I am in the "zone" that I want to be.  Because I have not changed the way I am eating, and I continue to lose body fat, it is reasonable to assume that I am still in Nutritional Ketosis.  If I start to gain body fat or change the way I am eating, I will do more testing.

I have been posting my results each week, but, starting today, and for as long as I feel like it, I am going to post my results only once per month.  I am so close to my goal now that the progress is pretty slow.

I have lost enough body fat now that my clothes are getting baggy.  At my job, it is nice to wear clothes that are a little too big so that I can bend and reach, etc., without my clothes having to stretch, so I am going to continue wearing the bigger clothes there.  I must admit that it feels nice to have my clothes hanging off of me for a change!

Being in Nutritional Ketosis, I am still experiencing virtually no hunger, and for a person who has always starved on any kind of diet, this is wonderful and makes it worth eating this way for the rest of my life.  My energy level is good, even at work, when I go for several hours without feeling the need to eat anything.  Friday, I left the house and forgot my lunch, so I just took my break without eating and felt just fine.

Here are my charts:

In summary, in the past 2 months:
I lost 1/2" around my neck
I lost 1/2" around my bicep
I lost 1/4" around my bust
I lost 1-5/8" around my midriff
I lost 2-5/8" around my waist
I lost 2-1/8" around my navel
I lost 1-5/8" around my hips
I lost 5/8" around my thigh
I lost 3/8" around the calf
Total lost:  11-3/4"

I lost 9.8 pounds on the scale (lost 9.8 pounds of body fat and gained 0 pounds of lean mass).
I went down 4.5 percentage points on my body fat.
I went down 0.034 points on my waist-to-hip ratio.

I did not track my food this week, but I ate pretty much on plan.

This is my daily goal:

1539 calories
135g fat (79%)
54g protein (14%)
27g carbs (7%)

Here is my "body goal":

136 pounds scale weight
40.8 pounds body fat (30%)
95.2 pounds lean mass (70%)
11.875" neck
28" waist
39.125" hips
0.716 waist-to-hip ratio
To get there, I need to lose 4.2 pounds of body fat, gain 2.6 pounds of lean mass and lose 2-1/8" around my waist.

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