Minggu, 03 April 2016

Its been two weeks since I started my experiment with nutritional ketosis.  I have been eating higher fat and lower protein, and I have been keeping my carbs pretty low, too.

Last week, I posted that I started out this experiment with around an extra 22 pounds of body fat and that I was going to start testing my blood ketones and blood glucose.  I am starting out this week with only an extra 16.5 pounds of body fat.

I lost weight and inches again this week.  Its not fast, and there are some days that I lose nothing, but it seems the last 15-20 pounds never go away without a fight! Here are some of my charts:

In summary, in the past 2 weeks:
I lost 3/8" around my neck, 2-1/8" around my waist and 5/8" around my hips.
I lost 3.4 pounds on the scale (lost 5.3 pounds of body fat and gained 1.9 pounds of lean mass).
I went down 2.8 percentage points on my body fat.
I went down 0.040 points on my waist-to-hip ratio.

If you want to know exactly what I am eating, look here, and then you can click the page numbers at the bottom to see each individual day.

Here is the goal I set for each day:

1979 calories
187g fat (85%)
54g protein (11%)
20g carbs (4%)

Here is the average of what I actually ate last week:

1975 calories
186.2g fat (84.8%)
53.5g protein (10.8%)
21.4g carbs (4.3%)

I still experienced no hunger this past week, but to be honest, I was having trouble getting in all my fat.  Oh, I forced it down, but I did not like it.  In this coming week, I am going to keep protein and carbs the same, but Im going to cut out 10 grams of fat and see if I continue to do well.  So for the coming week, my food will look like this:

1889 calories
177g fat (84.3%)
54g protein (11.4%)
20g carbs (4.2%)

I finally got my ketone testing strips.  I tested my blood ketone levels every morning when I got up.  The desired range for nutritional ketosis is between 1.0 and 3.0.  On my first test day, mine was 3.1 and the next two days were both 2.1, so my average is 2.4.  Im very happy with these numbers.

I also tested my blood glucose three times per day these past three days - upon waking, 1.5 hours after breakfast and 1.5 hours after dinner (I am not eating lunch).  The highest it ever got, even after eating, was 91 and the lowest was 71.  My average for all these tests was 83.  A very good result.  Last summer when I was testing my blood glucose, it was not unusual for it to go over 100-110.  So I guess decreasing protein and carbs has resulted in lower blood sugar.

All in all, it was a good week, and Im going ahead with the experiment.  I only ordered 20 ketone strips because they are over $2 each.  My plan is to continue to test every day for the next few days, especially since I will be cutting down fat and I want to be sure that I stay in ketosis.  After a few days, I am going to only test every few days, just to check up on my ketosis.  I will continue to test my glucose three times per day for the rest of this week, because the strips are pretty cheap! 

Nutritional Ketosis - Week 1 Results
Testing Blood Ketones with Jimmy Moore 

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