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Im always on the lookout for new, healthy products. I come across a lot of interesting things but the ones that always catch my attention are the products that satisfy a craving in a healthy way, such as my relentless craving for chocolate and caffeine. Heres the thing: I LOVE chocolate, but its high in calories. I also love Diet Coke, but after the temporary rush of caffeine comes breakouts, headaches, and an energy crash. Ugh, so whats a over-caffeinated, chocoholic, health conscious girl supposed to do? Two words: Crio Bru.

What if I told you that there is a company that has mastered the science of brewing cocoa beans like you would brew coffee? Yeah, I know. Take a minute to let your head wrap around that concept, it took me a minute, too. No... Its not the same as hot chocolate, its much more healthy. Its even healthy enough to use with Phase 2 and 3 of the HCG Diet! Sound to good to be true? Read on, the health benefits of this intriguing cocoa concoction may surprise you.

Heres how it works

-Cocoa beans come from the center of a fruit.
 Depending on the country of origin, the cocoa
 beans have unique flavors.

-The great folks at Crio buy high quality cocoa
 beans from all over the world.

-They roast the beans in a special roaster, different beans from different countries are roasted for varying lengths of time.

-Once roasted, the beans are run through a special grinder that turns them into grounds much
 like coffee.

-At this point they are ready to be brewed in a french
 press or a coffee maker.

Does it taste like hot cocoa?
Nope, not quite. Now Ive personally never had coffee so its hard for me to compare the two, but what I do know is that Crio Bru is initially bitter. It was like very dark chocolate. It didnt taste bad, but the Crio team had me add a bit of Trulicious sweetener to compliment the taste. The sweetener really amplified the distinct flavors of each type of brew. Then they had me add creamer, even better! It was so fantastic.

 There are several different brews. I had the opportunity to sample nearly every flavor of the roasted grounds at the facility in Lindon, Utah. I was impressed with each one, but my favorites are the Maya and the Cavalla.

The Maya blend has cayenne and cinnamon so it creates an awesome warming sensation as you drink it. 

The Cavalla has flavor notes of coconut and cinnamon, the cinnamon is more subtle than the Maya and its absolutely delicious. 

What are the benefits?
Not only is Crio Bru  naturally Cholesterol free, gluten free, sugar free, sodium free AND fat free, but its Antioxidant rich because it contains premium cocoa beans.

The biggest difference I noticed after drinking Crio for two weeks was with my appetite. I start my day with a cup of Crio at 8 a.m. and I instantly feel full and satisfied. This full feeling lasts until about 11:30 a.m., even when I dont eat anything else for breakfast. This has been a lifesaver for me on the maintenance phase of the diet! Before I started drinking Crio Bru, I would get into the office and be immediately slammed with work, I wouldnt have time to eat breakfast. Then I end up starving and grumpy when it was time for lunch and this led me to overeating. Now that Ive added Crio to my routine, it fills me up for breakfast and holds me over until lunch. So no matter how busy I am at work, I dont have to worry about my appetite.

In addition to feeling fuller longer, I also had more energy. A lot of people are misled into thinking caffeine is the only way to get a drinkable energy boost, but thats false. Crio contains no caffeine, yet somehow it has improved my energy levels significantly. Thats because it contains theobromine. Theobromine helps increase energy naturally, with no jitters no crash like caffeine.

Is it allowed on the HCG Diet?
I have been using Crio Bru on Phase 3 of the HCG Diet. It has no added sugar, and its only 10 calories for six ounces so it doesnt pose a problem to my weight. I do add non-dairy creamer and Trulicious stevia to it, so for a six ounce cup its about 45 calories and incredibly tasty.

When it comes to using Crio on Phase 2 of the diet, it seems as though its the perfect fit. Because its free of sugar and fat, it would be a great way to start the morning. Add Trulicious, and leave out the creamer and it shouldnt affect your weight loss at all, plus youll love the way it keeps your appetite in check! That being said, like with anything  that isnt on the original protocol, test it out just to be sure it works for you. Some people are more sensitive to certain additions than others.

Where do I get Crio Bru?

Theres is a lot of excitement surrounding Crio Bru, so has been working with Crio Bru to bring this amazing product into the hands HCG Dieters who are looking for a low calorie beverage option. That being said. You can now find a sampler pack of Crio Bru on HCGDiet.coms website.
It has Crios most popular brews and it includes a Trulicious sweetener so you can decide which brew you like best before committing to a full bag.

Have you tried Crio Bru? What did you think of it?

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