Kamis, 11 Februari 2016

Alright, I realize how uncomfortable it is to talk about things like constipation. Trust me, I get it. A lot of my co-workers read what I post, and the last thing I need is them commenting on my digestive system. However, when you are backed up and not losing any weight, any solution you find to your problem is worth sharing. Yes, even at the risk of embarrassment.

Ive had this problem a couple of times during my different rounds, but last week it was worse than its ever been. I needed some help beyond my regular solution of upping my water and taking a shot of apple cider vinegar.

When I had gone 4 days without any movement, I mentioned to a couple of HCGDiet.coms free diet coaches that my stomach was hurting and the scale wasnt moving. I also told them that I was not interested in Smooth Move Tea, but was a little nervous to buy a laxative from Wal-greens.
Thats when one of the diet coaches, Carrie, shared her little secret.

Carrie told me about an all-natural supplement by Dr. Schulze called Intestinal Formula 1, and she was even nice enough to give me a few capsules so I didnt have to wait for shipping (seriously, it had already been four days).

Well, let me say that those two little pills worked perfectly. I took them Friday at 2 p.m., still went out Friday night, and by the next morning I felt incredibly relieved.

Im so happy that Carrie shared her little secret with me, theres definitely a reason that shes a diet coach. My stomach is much happier, and the scale even went down two pounds!

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