Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

Life is kinda strange now that Ive finished all of my phases for my final round of the HCG Diet. While Im not holding myself to a strict list of very specific foods like I did on Phases 2 & 3, I still try to be pretty cautious of what I eat.

I realize what Im about to write may seem like bad news for some, but its true: Even after doing the maintenance phase, I still dont tolerate carbohydrates well. Its just a fact of life. I seem to do fine with more complex carbs like wheat bread and quinoa. However,  I cant eat rolls from Texas Roadhouse without seeing a slight gain the next day.

Basically Im learning that what I once that was normal (enriched, white flour) isnt normal when it comes to my body. My brain thinks its normal because thats what the American culture has taught me. So when I do eat carb-o-loaded foods, my mind registers this as fitting in with the culture I was raised with, but my body registers those tiny carbs as enemy invaders that need to be put into maximum security fat cells.


Im learning to live with this. And while I still allow myself to have the occasional candy bar or the occasional bag of baked chips Ive developed somewhat of a post-HCG eating routine that is helping me maintain.

Heres my diet on a regular clean-eating day:



Protein shake
- 2 scoops Triumph Slim
- 1 frozen banana
- 2 T. peanut butter
- Spinach
- Ice & water


Grilled Chicken, Green Peppers & Onion

So if you noticed from the list above, I dont eat a lot of diary or a lot of grains. Before I started my weight loss journey, I used to drink a lot of milk and load almost every dish with cheese. But when I started counting calories, I realized that the amount of calories dairy adds isnt worth it. I try to eat six servings of veggies each day and a few servings of fruits. I stick mostly to chicken and protein powder because they are pretty lean and easy to prepare when Im short on time!

 When I follow the diet above I do really, really well maintaining my weight loss. Even if I slip up and eat junk for a day or two, getting back on this system usually helps me drop any weight I may have gained.

Now for a short little update on my goals: I want to lose about 30 more pounds but Im hesitant to do the HCG Diet yet. I dont think Im in the right mind frame mentally. Im not sure if I will do another round, but as of right now Im going to do form healthy eating and exercise habits before I worry too much about losing weight. I try to maintain a weight of 185 pounds but I give myself about 5 pounds of breathing room. So far Ive been able to stay within that threshold and Im looking to continue that streak! It feels amazing.

Are you nervous for life after the HCG Diet?

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