Kamis, 04 Februari 2016

Just eat meat.  

That is what I have been doing for five weeks now.  Well, mostly meat, anyway.  As you can see by my food logs below, I have also been eating Fat Bombs, which contain almond butter, cocoa powder and Stevia, and I also had a small square of dark chocolate on one day and some macadamia nuts.

I continued Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) this past week. 

Below are my food logs for the past week.  I decided to try eating to satiety for my past few Up Days, and I found that I lost better eating a little bit more.  Click on any chart to enlarge it.


This was my average macronutrient intake during Week 5:


Because I am eating the way I am every day, I am not checking blood glucose or ketones on a daily basis.  I checked my blood glucose every other day this past week, once before eating breakfast and thrice an hour after eating dinner and the numbers were 69-80-72.  Yesterday morning, I did both tests before eating breakfast.  My blood glucose was 75 and my blood ketones were 3.2.  My average blood ketones are 1.9, so I am still going strong in ketosis.


My main concern is that I regulate my blood sugar, but I still have too much body fat and Im hoping this way of eating will help me in that regard.

Because I started IF two weeks ago, I decided to start weighing and measuring again on a daily basis.  The charts below show my actual numbers in the darker line, and my 7-day moving average in the lighter color. Generally speaking, if the trend is down and the actual number is below the 7-day average, things are trending in the right direction.  The only things I want trending up are my lean body mass and my pounds of lean mass!

Here are my charts:


Since I started ZC five weeks ago, and Alternate Day IF two weeks ago, I have:

Lost 1/4" around my neck
Lost 1/2" around my bust
Lost 1-3/8" around my waist
Lost 1-1/8" around my belly
Lost 7/8" around my hips
Lost 1/4" around my thigh
Lost 1/4" around my calf
Lost 2.4 percentage points off of my body fat
Gained 2.4 percentage points onto my lean mass
Lost 7.2 pounds on the scale
Lost 5.9 pounds of body fat
Lost 1.3 pounds of lean mass


I have a goal weight and body composition:

11.75" neck 
28.375" waist
38.5" hips
136 pounds on the scale
30% body fat
70% lean body mass

To reach that goal, I need to:

Lose 2-1/4" around my waist
Lose 1-1/8" around my hips
Lose 6.4 pounds of body fat
Gain 4.2 pounds of lean body mass

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