Senin, 18 April 2016

Yesterday, I completed Day 5 of The Virgin Diet.


  • Abdominal cramping - Yes, sometimes, even after just drinking water in the morning
  • Acne - Yes
  • Chronic mucus/stuffy nose - Yes, but improving
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea - Yes, the latter, even sometimes right after eating  or drinking water
  • Fatigue - Yes, especially in the afternoon
  • Food cravings - No
  • Gas and bloating - Not really
  • Headaches - No
  • High blood glucose - No (yesterday was 88 an hour and a half after eating dinner)
  • Inability to lose weight - No - Did not weigh this morning, but lost 2.2 pounds in the first 4 days - Starting weight 147.8 - Current weight 145.6? - Goal weight 136 - To get back to goal, need to lose 9.6 more pounds.  Can still button "measurement shorts" with a slight "muffin top".
  • Insomnia - No
  • Joint pain - Yes, but greatly improved
  • Muscle pain  - Yes, but improving
  • Nausea - Yes, sometimes after eating or drinking water


I normally eat like this:

135g fat (78%)
57g protein
28g carbs

Yesterday, I ate like this:

137g fat (67%)
91g protein
64g carbs

I had shakes for breakfast and lunch that were comprised of coconut milk, water, non-dairy protein powder, ground flax seed, raw greens, frozen berries and a few drops of Stevia.  I also had 2 tsp. of cod liver oil in the breakfast shake.

For dinner, I had a slow cooked chicken thigh, a serving of steamed broccoli with coconut oil and sea salt and 1.5 oz. almonds.

I ate breakfast at 7 am, lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm.  I did not feel like snacking after dinner.

I drank 72 oz. of water, but never within an hour before eating or an hour after eating, in order to not dilute my stomach acid.


Currently, from Saturday through Monday, I am acting as caregiver to a terminally ill friend.  I left my house yesterday morning fully armed with all the ingredients for my shakes, including my blender and digital kitchen scale.  I also brought a bag of almonds, a jar of Bubbies sauerkraut and two avocados. I walked in with two grocery bags full of stuff, packed with ice packs, due to the 2.5 hour drive to get here.

One of the reasons I have gained weight in the past couple of months is because I have been coming here three days every other weekend.  While I have been here, I have had to eat what was served me, and often it contained carbs and lots of them.  I also was eating things that I had a choice about, like raisins and ice cream.  It is very stressful here, due to the seriousness of my friends illness, and I just did not feel right not eating what was offered me, and I was so stressed that I was craving carbs and giving in to those cravings.

Also, I felt that it was "small" of me to be thinking about my little weight problems when I was in the home of a dying person.  My problems seem small in comparison, and I was feeling selfish for caring about my weight.  But then, when I got home, I would start caring again, especially when I got on the scale and realized that I was gaining 2-3 pounds every other weekend and could not take it back off before it was time to come here again.  So I would come here the next time, resolving to do better, but then do badly again because my weight problem is not important in the face of my friends suffering.  It was a vicious circle of weight gain, guilt and grief.

But, this time, I brought stuff to make shakes for breakfast and lunch, and I cooked enough chicken thighs that I can just serve myself one of those for dinner each night along with whatever veggies I can scrounge up out of my friends freezer.  And as far as the off-limits carbs available here, I will just not eat them this time, which is easier to do when I know that if I ate them, I would ruin this experiment and also have to confess that fact to you!

Because I am here without my own bathroom scale, I will have to wait until Wednesday morning to weigh in.  I will be traveling on Tuesday morning, after breakfast, and I dont like to weigh unless it is first thing in the morning before eating.  Until then, I will just have to use my "measurement shorts" to track my progress while I am here.  Yes, I brought the shorts with me!

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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