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Im going to let you in on one of my best kept secrets for success on the HCG Diet. Its like a cali kicker, except it tastes better and you can use it at any point during phase 2. Its the perfect remedy for the day after a cheat, a stall, water retention due to menstruation, and hunger. Yup. I wasnt kidding when I said its one of my best kept secret. So what is this magical secret? Its actually not magic, its Lemonade Diet powder. 

So heres a little back story. Lemonade Diet is a versatile supplement that can be used as a stand alone diet (for which youd follow a protocol), or it can be used as a supplement to support whatever diet youre on, which how I use the Lemonade Diet. It was formulated based on the concept of the Master Cleanse so it contains all of the health benefits of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, but it adds in raspberry ketones, chickweed, kelp, burdock root and papaya extracts to give you an array of health benefits in an easy to make, natural, lemonade. 

What are the benefits?

I visited and did some research, and according to the site these are the two main benefits for HCG users who want to get the most out of their HCG Diet:

Detoxes - The ingredients in Lemonade Diet powder are fomulated to help your body release toxins that have stored up over time. It also helps promote digestive health which was a big perk for me as an HCG Dieter. 

Boosts Metabolism - Not only does metabolism increase after doing a cleanse, but the raspberry ketones in Lemonade Diet powder give you the extra kick you need to continue seeing great results even after a stall.

So how does it work with the HCG Diet? 

You can drink it daily to supplement the HCG diet. Basically would just make the drink as recommended on the label and continue taking your HCG drops and following the protocol.


If you dont want to drink it every day, you can drink it during stalls, the day after a cheat, or during your menstrual cycle. 

What about the taste?

Ive tried some pretty gross stuff to try and get over stalls. Ive done a Cali Kicker and even shots of apple cider vinegar, and while they worked, they were hard to stomach. Lemonade Diet tastes amazing. And not only did it taste amazing, it works. Lemonade Diet is my go to now. Never again will I spend time making a Cali Kicker or plug my nose to take down a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Where do you get it? 
You can learn more about Lemonade Diet powder and purchase it by clicking here or the image below.

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