Rabu, 20 April 2016

Today is day 17 on the HCG Hormone Free Drops from HCGDiet.com. I feel great! My energy levels are fantastic, I dont feel hungry. I havent had terrible cravings. Things are just so good!

Im down 11.8 pounds! Considering Ive had 4 different days of cheats, TOM, and an incredible amount of stress at work & school within the last two weeks, Im beyond satisfied with my results. I only have 13.6 pounds to go before I reach my go for this round!

Losing pounds is extremely motivating, but inches are even more motivating because I can see the difference when I wear clothes I havent been able to wear in a long time. Finally wearing my snug-fitting, size 12 skinnies! Wooohoo! I bought them super snug back in March and they are just now fitting the way I want them to.

This round hasnt been a complete breeze. The cheat days were a bit tough to recover from, but I knew going into this round I was going to eat whatever I wanted for my boyfriends birthday parties (per his request). Even after the parties were done, the temptation lingers, but I am trying my best to put my goal at the top of my priorities list. 

Last night I turned down chocolate covered macadamia nuts, pizza, and bread sticks. Im going strong right now, but even if I were to cheat I know that it will be OK just as soon as I get back on track. Im really trying to focus on that idea this round: moving on, not feeling guilty, and getting back on track. Ive grown to recognize that guilt is a trigger for my emotional eating. So no matter how badly I slip up, I brush it off and start fresh the next day. 

Life is good. Youre a strong individual who can only give their best. Stop spending time feeling guilty when you fall a bit short. Stop comparing yourself to others and wallowing in self-consciousness. Go out and do something amazing for yourself.

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