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They say we are our toughest critics. Just another cliche youd seen plastered on a scenic stockphoto on Pinterest, right? Maybe, but cliches are usually true. I know that Im my toughest critic. I expect myself to be a certain weight, exercise 3 or more times a week, have awesome hair, get a 4.0 in school, be a rock star at work, not to mention be the best friend, daughter and girlfriend my loved ones could ask for. Writing it all down like that seems like a lot, and really it is because the truth is sometimes I go a week without running, sometimes I go 3 pounds over my target weight, sometimes my hair is frizzy, I might fail a test, and more frequently than Id like to admit, I drop the ball on a commitment with a friend. And sometimes when its all too much and I feel like a failure standing at the bottom of my mountain of expectations, I just need a little confidence boost.

Here are ten things that always seem to give me the confidence to keep meeting the expectations I have for myself:

1. Get Ready

Yup, its that simple ladies. Wake up, take a shower, do your hair and put your face on. Pick out a cute outfit and accessorize. And then... take a selfie and post it on Facebook or Instagram. Show the world that youre proud of who you are! Even though wearing yoga pants and putting your hair up in a sock
bun seems tempting, youll feel better if you spend more time on yourself. It completely sets the tone for your day.

2. Exercise

Ive blogged about this before, but basically Exercise = Endorphines, Endorphines = Happiness. Go for a walk, turn on some music and just go. You can jog, you can run, you can kick box, Zumba, or rock climb, it doesnt matter. Just go do something you enjoy even if its only for 30 minutes. Taking care of your body will always make you feel confident.

3. Make a To-Do List and do Everything on it

Theres something magical about a to-do list. I love writing a list of things to do around my apartment on Sunday mornings. Each task I cross off my lists makes me feel more and more accomplished. Its a good way to stay organized and get a lot of stuff done!

4. Paint Your Nails

This is my go to! I am constantly painting my nails. Its almost therapeutic for me. People seem to compliment my nails frequently and it makes me smile. Compliments are always appreciated. If youre not good at painting your nails yourself, go get a mani! Make yourself feel pampered. By taking the time to do something for yourself, youre reinforcing the idea that even though you have a million things going on, you deserve some time to relax and do something nice for yourself.

5. Make a Small Change

Cut your hair, form a new healthy habit, set a goal for work, color your hair, apologize to a friend. Make a small change that feels like a step forward. It doesnt have to be major, it just has to be a gesture of progress and commitment to your goal of being an awesome individual.

6. Do a Detox

Is it just me, or is it completely impossible to feel confident when you feel bloated? Sometimes your body just needs a little break from the toxins in artificial sweeteners and process food. I love the way I feel when Im doing a detox. I feel fresh and revitalized, but best of all I dont feel groggy and bloated. My favorite way to detox is by drinking Lemonade Diet and eating clean. Lemonade Diet is a cheap and effective way to detox, and all you do is drink it twice a day.

 7. Get a New Outfit

Sometimes a new pair of jeans and a cute top is the perfect way to boost your confidence. When Im on a tight budget, I like going to Forever 21. I can usually find a cute outfit on clearance and spend less than $40! Saving money and looking cute? Yeah, thats awesome and definitely worth smiling about.

8. Dish out Compliments to others

When we are able to recognize the good in others, its easier to see the good in ourselves. Try to find something you can compliment on for each person that you come in contact with (even if its with the girl in apartment #208 who steals your Victoria Secret Coupons). I am a firm believer in positive energy and that the more of it you put out, the more of it you will get in return. Think of this one as investing in your bank of confidence. You pay out a compliment and in return you will have more positivity in your life!

9. Do a Service Project

I feel good when I help other people. My favorite way to volunteer is serving breakfast at the homeless
shelter in my area. It only takes a couple hours, but its infinitely rewarding helping people who truly need it. Its a humbling experience that helps me recognize the blessings in my life. After I leave the shelter, it almost seems selfish to feel down on myself. After all, I have a job, warm place to stay and food on the table each night. Being too critical of myself is a waste of energy. That energy should be focused on helping others, not a pity party. There are hundreds of opportunities you can get involved with visit your city, church, or community center website for information.

10. Get out of the House

I know the weather is cooling off and all you want to do is curl up and watch the latest episode of New Girl by yourself with a pint of cookie dough ice cream, but this setting can make even the most popular person feel a bit lonely. I know how hard it can be to resist that temptation after a long day of work. But just try to get out of the house a couple times a week after you clock out. Go to an arcade with a friend, start your Christmas shopping early, go to the gym, go to a karaoke bar with your girls, go on a date! There are hundreds of options, just make sure you try to find a place where you can have fun, meet new people and enjoy new environments. Its a good reminder that theres life beyond television.

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