Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

I finished my first week of the Leptin Reset Diet.  I tracked my food every day this past week on Fitday.  Here are the averages of what I ate:

Since I started 1 week ago, I have:

Lost 1.25" total, which includes:
Lost 0" around my neck
Lost 0" around my biceps
Lost 0" around my bust
Lost 0.25" around my midriff
Lost 0.625" around my waist
Lost 0" around my navel
Lost 0.125" around my hips
Lost 0.125" around my thighs
Lost 0" around my calves

Lost 0.010 points off my waist-to-height ratio
Lost 0.013 points off my waist-to-hip ratio

Lost 0.9 points off my body fat percentage
Gained 0.9 points onto my lean body mass percentage

Lost 1.9 lbs. of body fat
Gained 0.1 lbs. of lean mass
Lost 1.8 lbs. on the scale

 Weeks completed: 1
Weeks to go: 7

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