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Got a fitness junkie in your life, whom you love and want to spoil this Valentines Day, or are you the beloved fitness junkie (if so, pass this along to your lover for a subtle hint)?

Chocolates arent the best idea for the runner, the lifter, and the lover of clean eating... Here are some gift ideas that are so awesome they are better than chocolates, and dare I say roses?

The Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker
Aqua Zinger

Water is the center of a fitness junkies world. Adding mint, lemons, and raspberries adds a myriad of health benefits, but choking on seeds is never fun. This bottle mixes the juices in to the water but holds the pulp in a separate little grinder. They go for around $20 and you can find them at Brookstone.

Salad Dressing Portion Control Lids

As someone who is watching my weight, I am constantly counting calories. One of my biggest pet peeves is measuring out every little thing. Im all for gadgets that make measuring easier, and this is one of them. This Portion Control Lid fits different bottle sizes and when you squeeze the bottle, the chamber fills with 2 Tbsps of the dressing, one serving size, and its ready to pour. This handy gadget is about $20 at Brookstone.

Gnarly Workout Tank

Gnarly Workout Tanks

Every Fit Female needs an awesome workout Tank. Gnarly Nutrition has a great line of neon acid worn tank tops. They have multiple colors and sizes range from small to large. You can find them at GoGnarly.com for only $19.

Food Huggers

Fitness addicts need fuel. Fresh fruits and veggies are usually a major part of a healthy, balanced, diet but a lot of times they go to waste because the left overs dont keep well. The frugal fitness geek will LOVE this Food Huggers. Cut a tomato, use whats need, then put a Food Hugger around the rest. It stays fresher than using a Ziplock bag! A set of four multi-sized Food Huggers is only $19!

Zip Tunes Earphones
Food Huggers

Tangled earphones can mess up momentum on runs, bike rides, kickboxing and more. Zip Tunes Earphones get rid of the hastle with a tangle free design, plus they have a built in handsfree microphone component. Find these on Boxwave.com for under $30.00.

Isobag Lunch Cooler

If your fitty is constantly packing lunches and planning ahead for meals on the go, this Isobag is a perfect way to help them stay organized. This lunch cooler can hold multiple meals (containers included) and has compartments for protein shaker bottles and utensils. No more packing multiple bags for multiple meals, this cooler lets you easily do it all in one. The three meal bag is only $54.99 on IsolatorFitness.com. 

FT4 Cross Training Heart Rate Monitor

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor
The price tag on this item is a little steeper than the others, but it is definitely worth it. The FT4 tracks heart rate, calories burned and shows when youre improving your fitness based on heart rate zones. It has button free operation to keep the focus on working out, and is made with comfortable, water resistant material. There are four different colors available. You can find this nifty gadget for $99 on Polar.com.

Bodum Tea For One Tea Strainer

Sometimes your valentine doesnt have time to make tea for two, and if thats the case, this Bodum Tea Strainer is perfect. Its strains a single serving of tea in a very portable container. It comes in multiple colors and is available for $18 at Bodum.com.

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