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I have noticed in the past week that my hunger has pretty much disappeared. My goal is to eat 135g fat, 54g protein and 27g carbs every day. As you will see if you look at my update and menu below, I have not been eating enough. There was one day that I only made it to 110g fat, 40g protein and 22g carbs. That is way low on fat and protein.

It seems that after I eat my normal breakfast, I just cant get myself to eat the rest of what I "need" to hit my goals. At dinner time, I might need to eat 4-5 oz. of meat, but all I can manage is 3 oz, or I feel like it is too much.

I am experiencing NO HUNGER when I am at work, and I spend a lot of time there speed walking. If I have a meal break there, I just eat my tiny meal and I am set for the rest of the day. Sometimes when I get home, I look at my numbers for the day, see that I have not eaten enough, but do not want to eat any more. Im just not hungry.

I have never had this experience before of trying to get up to a certain amount of food. I guess this is the effect of deep ketosis (2.2 average on the keto meter).

At this point, I have decided to up my fat and protein at breakfast so that I do not have to eat so much protein at night. I want to be done eating a few hours before bed, but oftentimes I am home from work around 10pm, and its just to late to eat something to hit my goal.

I have also decided to up my daily protein from 54g to 57g to meet the Phinney/Volek minimum requirement. I know its not much, so it shouldnt hurt.

I just read the part in the book that says that too much protein is problematic on NK, but too little protein is also. I think I need to concentrate on getting my protein up to 57g at least every day. Eating only 40g that one day is just ridiculous.

Any thoughts, Readers?

Its been eight weeks since I started my experiment with nutritional ketosis.  I am eating higher fat, lower protein and very low carb.  Here are my charts:

In summary, in the past 8 weeks:
I lost 1/2" around my neck
I lost 3/8" around my bicep
I lost 1/4" around my bust
I lost 1-1/2" around my midriff
I lost 3" around my waist
I lost 1-7/8" around my navel
I lost 1-5/8" around my hips
I lost 5/8" around my thigh
I lost 3/8" around the calf
Total lost:  11-1/2"

I lost 8.8 pounds on the scale (lost 10.2 pounds of body fat and gained 1.4 pounds of lean mass).
I went down 5 percentage points on my body fat.
I went down 0.043 points on my waist-to-hip ratio.

I tracked my food five days this week, but I ate on plan every day.  If you want to know exactly what I am eating, look here, and then you can click the page numbers at the bottom to see each individual day.

Here are the averages of what I ate this past week, not including the days I did not track:

1423 calories
123.9g fat (78.3%)
54.1g protein (15.2%)
23g carbs (6.5%)

My goal was a little higher, and I did not intentionally eat less:

1539 calories
135g fat (79%)
54g protein (14%)
27g carbs (7%)

I stopped testing my blood ketones and glucose because the results are always the same and the strips are expensive.  After a few weeks go by, Ill test again for good measure.  If something starts going wrong, I will test sooner, but for now, I dont see a reason to test.

I did test my blood glucose just one time this past week, and here is the chart since I started nutritional ketosis:


I will continue to post my results once a week until I hit my goal, which is this:

136 pounds scale weight
40.8 pounds body fat (30%)
95.2 pounds lean mass (70%)
11.875" neck
28" waist
39.125" hips
0.716 waist-to-hip ratio
To get there, I need to lose 3.8 pounds of body fat, gain 1.2 pounds of lean mass and lose 1-3/4" around my waist.

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