Selasa, 19 April 2016

Its that time again, Im doing another round of the HCG Diet! Woohoo. I finished my fourth round in March, which means that I havent done the diet in 8 months! Im so nervous. It feels like the first time all over again.

Two months ago, I wasnt planning on doing another round on the HCG Diet. I just wanted to keep running, eating healthy, and maintaining (I have done a pretty good job of maintaining within 5-10 pounds of where I left off in March). While Im not quite at my goal weight, I havent wanted to rush these last 30 pounds. Ive come so far in the last year I wanted to pause the weight loss to enjoy my 100 pound mile mark before hitting the 130 pound mark. And while my heart was set on taking it slow, that has recently changed.

I speak highly of HCG Triumph Drops. Working for this company and using their products has helped me
lose a considerable amount of weight. I blog openly about choosing these drops because they contain the HCG hormone and they arent low-quality, watered down drops. HCG Triumph puts a lot of time into formulating their products. When recently added Triumph Hormone Free drops to their website I was interested. Like many in the HCG community, Ive always been skeptic of hormone free drops, but because I have a behind the scenes look at the way operates, I know how much thought, time and testing goes into HCG Triumph products. When launches a product its because it works well. These drops are hormone free and different than what I am used to, but they are not low-quality or watered down.  I am excited to see what is in them how they work for my body, so even though I wasnt planning on it, I cant contain my excitement. I want to try them! Here we are, Round 5. :)

This round, I am doing it with my boyfriend and a couple of co-workers. We will be using the hormone free drops and Ill do my best to document all the similarities and differences between these drops and the other drops Ive used.

Pre-load weight: 189 lbs
Post-load weight: 194.4 lbs
Goal weight: 175 lbs

Current Pant Size: 14
Current Shirt Size: Womens XL
Current Bra Size: 38D

Today is day one on Phase 2. Its going well so far. I packed my lunch ahead of time and sent a packed lunch with my boyfriend as well (Brandon is getting an extra serving of protein each day so he can workout a bit). Day 1 seems to be going smoothly. I dont feel overly hungry and I dont have a detox headache. Brandon is a little hungry but doesnt seem to be complaining too much. I am documenting what we eat and I am making sure we are keeping to a schedule of eating every 2 hours or so to avoid feeling famished.

My eating schedule today looks something like this:
8:00 a.m. Crio Bru w/ 2 tsp Trulicious
10:30 a.m. Triumph Hormone Free Drops
11:00 a.m. Orange
12:00 p.m. Wasa Bread
1:00 p.m. 3.5 oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli (raw)
2:00 p.m. Triumph Hormone Free Drops
3:00 p.m. Apple
4:00 p.m. 1 cup grape tomatoes
5:00 p.m. Triumph Hormone Free Drops
6:00 p.m. 2 scoops Triumph Slim
Calorie Count: 530

Tomorrow Ill be blogging about the ingredients in Triumph Hormone Free, and Ill look at how they are different from the typical hormone free drops. Be sure to check back!

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