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When was the last time you took a few moments to do some a self-inventory. Not like a counting freckles, or hairs, but a nitty gritty introspection sesh? When was the last time you examined your habits and your moods and really thought about how youre doing. If its been a while, you may be missing the blatant evidence that its time for a fresh start. Sometimes when we are stuck in a bit of a rut, it can be pretty easy to miss the 10 signs that you need a fresh start. Let me break them down for you:

1. You would categorize or mood as kind of, "eh." You dont really find yourself passionate about anything.
2. You dont feel like your normal self. Youre not sure whats up, but you know that a couple weeks ago, we were not feeling like this.
You feel indifferent about most of the decisions you make.
3. You would rather sleep than spend time with loved ones. You and your bed are pals. When you get home you just want to lay in your bed and tell it about all of your problems.
4. Nothing makes you feel motivated anymore. You know you should workout, but you dont wanna. You know you should probably shower, but you dont wanna do that either. And laundry? Yeah... probably should... but no. All motivation = GONE.
5. The ones closest to you keep asking what is wrong. Your family thinks youre a little depressed. They keep asking you how you are and if everything is OK. Your response is usually, "Im fine. Just been tired."
6. Your confidence is in the toilet. You look in the mirror and you just arent feeling in. So, theres no point in getting ready, because that too is something youre just not feeling.
7. You feel insecure about your decisions. You put a lot of thought into choosing simple things like what to have for dinner and what to watch on Netflix, and then when you do make a choice you still arent sure if it was the right one.
8. You feel like running away from all of your problems. Your ideal situation would be a vacation for you and your friend Bed far, far away where no one can reach you. Preferably somewhere that doesnt require money, or bills, or other general life activities.
9. You realize youre not on track with your 5 year plan. This is not where you wanted to be with your life. You were supposed to have your dream job by now. Whats wrong with you? Your plan is totally ruined.
10. You feel like youve maxed out your potential. You cannot see yourself getting passed this. Youll be stuck here forever. All of your potential is maxed out and this is where you level off.

Even if only two of these apply to you... Its time for a fresh start. You need to re-vamp your life.

So how does one just start fresh? You cant just run away and sleep forever, and as good as that sounds it wont make any of your problems go away. Here are some suggestions to help you feel excited about life again and slowly start climbing out of the slump youve been camping in:

1. Start with gratitude.If you really stop and think about it you have a lot of amazing things around you. Set an alarm on your phone that will go over every day at the same time. Open up a memo app on your phone and write down 13 things you are grateful for and do this every single day. Seeing how awesome your life really is can be just the right push to get you living it to the fullest extent.

2. Watch this pep talk from Kid President. He is a pretty cool kid with some big ideas on getting out of a slump.

3. Make a list & reward yourself when everything on that list is done. Write down everything you need to do that day, and then write down what you get when its all done. So maybe when you shower, do laundry, and finish that report for work you get to take a break and watch a couple episodes of your favorite show. This will help you start getting things done so you dont get overwhelmed by tasks.

4. Do something for your body. Dropping a few pounds or even just doing a detox can help you regain some of the confidence youve been lacking for awhile. Try doing the Lemonade Detox. No need to change your diet, all you do is just drink the drink and reap the benefits.

5. Get outside. The weather is warming up and its time to spend less time inside and more time soaking up the sun. Go for a jog, go play a round of golf, or even go lay outside and read a book. You need some fresh air and some Vitamin D. You will feel better physically and mentally when you step away from the couch and when you step outside.

6. Reconnect with some friends. If youve been putting off hanging out with your friends, its time to reconnect with them and start surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh.

7. Cut down on naps, but still get your 8 hours. If you sleep too much, you actually feel more tired. If youre getting more than eight hours of sleep per day, its time to cut down on the naps. You are training your body to want sleep that it doesnt really need and in return it is making you more tired. Before you know it, your over-sleeping has got you caught in a cycle that makes it hard for you to get anything done.

8. Start dreaming & planning. If you arent where you want to be, change it. Simple as that. No one is going to change it for you, its up to you. Start dreaming again. Then start planning out way you can make that dream a reality. Sign up for a class at the local college, Read a book on investing. Whatever your dream is, start working toward it.

9. Surround yourself with motivating things. Find a happy post, rummage through old pictures and find your favorites, or turn on some happy music. Surround yourself with things that remind you to be better and things that inspire you to stay positive.

10. Lighten up. Dont take everything so seriously. Life is good and its worth living. All you need to do is decide that as of this moment, this moment right now, you are going to start fresh.

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