Minggu, 17 April 2016

November is the month of giving thanks, and while I try to give thanks regularly for the wonderful things in my life, I want to post a special blog on the topic. I am blessed to have a job, an apartment, a car, my health, an amazing family. I am blessed to be in school, to have talents, and to have so many people who support me while I chase my dreams. Not a day goes by that I dont realize how blessed I am.

But theres something else Im very thankful for this week, something I dont always recognize. Its not a person, a place or a thing. Its a personality trait of mine. Its the reason I have done all that Ive done. Its the reason I am who I am. This week, I am especially thankful that Im not a quitter.

7 days into starting the HCG Diet I was down 6.6 pounds! Wooohoo. I was so excited, but I knew that I was about to hit a road bump.... Let me explain: I am blessed to have a boyfriend who takes me for who I am and makes me feel beautiful despite what the scale says. Before starting this round of the diet, he made me promise for his birthday I would eat whatever I wanted. So Monday I knew I was going to have a cheat meal when my boyfriends parents took us out for his birthday dinner. Then I knew Wednesday was his birthday dinner with friends. Same request, "Eat what you want."

So today I weighed in, knowing I was going to be up, I saw I gained 3.6 pounds back. A little discouraging, but not surprising. I stepped off the scale, my never-quit personality wiped away the feeling of discouragement. I took a breath and thought, "So what? Today is a new day. The birthday celebrations are over, and I dont need to rush."

Ive had to remind myself of that quite frequently through my journey, "Dont rush." It is so easy to get down on yourself and be negative about your body. If there is one thing I want everyone to know its this: Your body is amazing because it functions and youre alive. Stop hating it and just try your very best to take care of it. The weight will come off if you just stay focused, take your time and most of all stay positive. You will mess up, mostly because youre human and it takes time to break habits that were formed from emotional eating, but you can ALWAYS try again. There may be things in life youve given up on, like wearing your hair in a bob (flashback to kids calling me mushroom head in 8th grade), or trying to keep your dog from barking at the mailman, but never EVER give up on your health.

So heres to me and my journey, heres to starting fresh today and getting back on track. Heres to you and your beautiful life. Go live it the best way you know how, and dont forget to be grateful for every second of it.

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