Minggu, 03 April 2016

Yesterday, I completed Day 1 of The Virgin Diet.  It went well for the following reasons:

  • I enjoyed the shakes I had for breakfast and lunch.  It was nice not to worry about what to eat for a change!
  • I was not starving all day like I have been lately, even though I have been eating high fat.
  • I had energy and did not feel sleepy in the middle of the day like I have been lately.
  • My blood sugar was 84 an hour and a half after eating.
  • I had normal elimination for a change.
  • I slept through the night for a change.
  • I woke up this morning at 6:30 feeling refreshed and ready to start my day, and I was not starving when I woke up.  Lately, I have been so hungry that I would feel real hunger pangs even in the middle of the night. 
  • I lost 0.6 pounds yesterday.  To get back to my goal weight, I need to lose 11.8 more pounds.
I normally eat like this:

135g fat (78%)
57g protein
28g carbs

But yesterday, I ate like this:

114g fat (57%)
102g protein
89g carbs

I had a shake for breakfast and lunch that was comprised of coconut milk, water, non-dairy protein powder, ground flax seed, raw kale, frozen blueberries and a few drops of Stevia.  All that made around 16 fluid oz. of shake and it took more than a few minutes to drink it!  The first one I made was tolerable, but the next one I found easy to drink and somewhat tasty.

JJs plan is that you eat three meals per day.  The first one needs to be within one hour after rising, and the other two need to be 4-6 hours apart, with no snacks.  The last meal of the day should be no closer to bedtime than 2-3 hours.  Yesterday, I ate breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 2 pm and dinner at 7 pm.  For a change, I also did not feel like snacking after dinner.

Part of this process is making sure that you have good digestion by not diluting your stomach acid at meal times so that you can properly digest your food.  An hour before eating, I drink 16 oz. of water, then nothing while I am eating, then wait for an hour after eating to drink another 8 oz.  I like this better than trying to remember to drink water all day.

All in all, not a bad start.  In a few days, I will be traveling out of town to take care of a sick friend for the weekend, and I am a little concerned that I will need to be doing this while I am there.  But journaling here always helps to keep me on track, so I think I will do okay.

If you are interested in getting a short synopsis of how this plan works, you can listen to Jimmy Moore interviewing JJ Virgin by clicking here.

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