Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

This is a pre-written post, as while you are reading this I am probably cursing at the movers for going so slow, and lamenting the fact that they are dirtying my floors in both old and new houses. I intended this to be a "Goodbye and Hello" post, but after re-reading it, I find it a stronger post without the hello. Ill do the "Hello" from the new house, that will be my first post from there.

Today is moving day!

Goodbye house that weve lived in for 2 years and 1 month
Goodbye toilet in my bathroom that doesnt flush well but always made Barrys legs numb
Goodbye path in the yard that the dog wore into the grass from running back and forth
Goodbye to all my white trash neighbors, I shall not miss you. not one bit.
Goodbye pot holes in the shared driveway from aforementioned neighbors
Goodbye crappy black side by side fridge
Goodbye tiny sinks that I cant wash dishes in
Goodbye jacuzzi tub that Barry loved so much
Goodbye nice big porch
Goodbye thin walls that we can hear everything through
Goodbye easy way to the Edwards house, now we shall have to drive
Goodbye couches that we bought 6.5 years ago and have been well loved.
Goodbye shitty plastic blinds that break and bend so easily
Goodbye soft spot on the laundry room floor by the back door
Goodbye holes in the yard that Braddock dug
Goodbye ugly green carpet
Goodbye flat, non glossy paint in the kitchen that stained so easily

Goodbye bed, you I shall were the baby making bed, you held us close every night, you have been with us since Germany...10 years now. I shall see you in my new garage ;-) Perhaps one day you will grace one of the kids bedrooms when they are married, and give them the love that you gave Barry and I for almost 10 years of marriage.

Goodbye house that we have lived in for two years and 1 month, that was our last home as a family of 6.

Goodbye to low utility bills, I will miss the well water as now I have to pay for city water.
Goodbye Barrys spot on the couch, where he would take over the coffee table with his school stuff.
Goodbye toilet that made Barrys legs numb, I will never sit upon you again.
Goodbye TV/entertainment center/sound system that was so complicated to put together, but Barry did it anyway. Youve been replaced, but have served us well for almost 7 years.
Goodbye to the house that was so calm when I came inside for the first time as a widow. I know Barry was waiting for me inside, he had just passed a couple hours before that.
Goodbye Barrys sink in the bathroom where he always shaved his head at. I will miss seeing those black hairs all over the sink.
Goodbye Barrys spot at the kitchen table by the window. Ive taken over that now as the head of the family.
Goodbye living room that had a tall ceiling to hold our 7.5ft Xmas tree.

Goodbye house. We will miss you a lot. We will miss seeing all the spots in the house that remind us of Barry, but now it is time for us to say hello to new things. We can still drive by and see you anytime we want, as were right down the road. Try not to miss us too much, soon you will be filled with a new family ready to make as many memories as we did, surrounded by your walls.

We will miss you house.

p.s...I know I said some goodbyes more than once. Some were intended to be more of a "good riddance" goodbye, and others were taking a more sad side to saying goodbye. It was my intention to mention them more than once.

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