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Not too long ago I wrote a blog about products that can help tighten loose skin. Among the products I set out to try were the It Works! Wraps. Ive heard great things about these wraps and Ive seen some AMAZING before and after pictures, but my loose skin issue is pretty major. I guess Im just a skeptical person by nature so I was nervous I wouldnt see any results. But I was never going to know if I didnt try! So I decided to take the step and arrange for some It Works! representatives to show me the ropes.

On Wednesday, Brooke and Christina came into my office to wrap me up! I was a little nervous because I didnt know what to expect. First of all, its always awkward showing people my stomach, but then theres always the uncertainty that trying something new brings. Once they explained what the wraps do, I was more excited than nervous. Basically the wraps help your body release toxins from your fat layers. These toxins build up over time from foods you eat and can cause you to put on inches.

To start out Brooke took my before picture. She was very clear that every time I wrap I need to do pictures. Mainly because as women, we tend to be very critical of our bodies, and we may not see the results until we can look at photos side by side. Then I was measured by Christina. Measuring also needs to be done with each wrap. I was measured two inches above my belly button, around my belly button and then two inches below my belly button.

After the pictures and measurements  it was time for the application.

The gel thats used on It Works! wraps contains some great stuff like menthol, eucalyptus, vitamin B, rosemary, horse chestnut, guarana and green tea. It smells like menthol and is cool on your skin, kind of like Icy Hot.

We cut open the package, and rubbed the wrapper on my stomach so none of the gel went to waste. Then we rubbed the outside of the applicator on my stomach, unfolded the applicator and applied the gelled side centered over my belly button. We smoothed it out and wrapped plastic wrap around my torso, nice and tight!

Brooke and Christina said there are 10 things to remember while wrapping:
1. Drink lots of water before, after and during a wrap.
2. 72 hours after wrapping avoid ALL alcohol, caffeine, and aspartame
3. It  will take 72 hours to see the full effect of the wrap
4. You leave your wrap on for 45 minutes. After your first wrap you can leave it on up to 8 hours.
5. It is not recommended to work out the same day you do a wrap. Its best to wait until the next day.
6. You can do It Works! wraps every 3 days.
7. You can do two wraps at once but you must follow the hips above hips below rule, this means that you can wrap two things above your hips or two things below your hips but not both. So you can wrap your arms and your tummy, but not your legs and your arms.
8. You may experience a slight detox headache while using the wrap, try to avoid taking Ibuprofen or other medicines for it.
9. You may experience a detox bloat in the first 24 hours of using a wrap. Its temporary and people who experience this usually end up losing more inches at the end of the 72 hours.
10. Results last 2-6 months. If you start drinking alcohol and diet sodas after the 72 hours your results will most likely last 2 months. If you change your diet to lessen the toxins you are consuming, your results will last longer.

Speaking of results....we left the wrap on for 45 minutes then took it off and measured and took pictures.

My measurements show that I lost about 2 1/2 inches. I can see the most difference around my belly button.

Here are the results after 72 hours

I love how much flatter my stomach looks after just one wrap!

After the results I saw above, I will be using the product much more. I highly recommend it. I did another wrap last night and I have 2 more wraps to do before this treatment is complete, and you better believe Ill be posting more pictures. Im excited to see the changes in my stomach and I am confident that It Works! will help me tighten up some of the loose skin that I have after losing weight.

I am using the ultimate body applicator, and I also ordered the Defining Gel and the Greens. Ill be doing a review on those two products within the next two weeks.

If you are looking to try these out for yourself, you can order your wraps online here:

If you have any more questions about how these work feel free to e-mail Brooke, she has been great about answering my questions without pressuring me to try any products I dont want to. Shes also been great about helping me feel comfortable using the product on my own. Her email is

Have you tried It Works! wraps? How did they work for you?

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