Sabtu, 16 April 2016

After cleaning out my closet last week, I have  some over-sized shirts floating around, but not for long.

 I love HCGDiet.coms "Things To Do With Old Clothes" board on Pinterest because it breathes new life into some of these shirts that lifelessly hang down to my knees.

I tried out a couple of the tutorials on Pinterest and failed miserably (I am no good at sewing). So I searched around and found a "No Sew" tutorial. It was so easy, I have to share it! All you need is a v-neck shirt (I used one thats a size bigger than what I wear) and pair of scissors.

Make your t-shirt vest in 6 steps:

Step One: Fold your shirt in half sleeve to sleeve so that the back of the shirt is on the outside.

Step Two: Closely following the seam of the sleeve, cut both sleeves off. 

Step Three: Unfold the shirt, and re-fold it so the front of the shirt is on the outside. Cut the neck of the shirt off making sure to cut through all layers. 

Step Four: Lay the shirt out flat, front facing up. Cut a straight line through the middle of the shirt. TOP LAYER ONLY!

Step Five: Using one of the sleeve scraps, cut three strips. 

Step Six: Tie one strip around both straps in the back at the bottom of the V.
Tie a strip around each front strap. 

My vest turned out pretty good! However, I would also add in a note about stretching the edges of your shirt so they dont look rough like mine did!

Questions about a certain step? Post them below! 

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