Jumat, 08 April 2016

I just thought Id share a list of some things Ive been wishing had turned out differently, or will happen, or that I wish I had etc etc.  Nothing in particular order, I just didnt feel like writing a long drawn-out blog post about it.
  • I wish Barry had been here to teach M how to tie a Tie, he had to go to the neighbors house and my girlfriends husband did it for him for his Harry Potter Costume.
  • I wish I had more patience 
  • I wish Athena would stop jumping up against the glass door to come inside
  • I wish I was more self-sustainable, and had things like a garden, or the means to can more food.
  • I wish I wasnt such a perfectionist
  • I wish I didnt yell so much
  • I wish I could handle being a single mom better than I currently am
  • Tonight I wished it was A on her daddys shoulders while Trick or Treating instead of Charlies (whom I mentioned up above)
  • I wish I had the courage to start my book, but I dont know how to start it. Or what angle to take.
  • I wish I was back in Florida
  • I wish I had a husband or something close to that
  • I wish I didnt have to sleep alone each night.
  • I wish I had more support
  • I wish life was easier
  • I wish Dish Network would get their shit together and fix their slow ass website and phone system
  • I wish I was able to resist sweets and exercise more! I would have lost all the weight by now if I did. I want to lose 50-60lbs more
  • I wish I could relax enough to read again. I have only read one whole book since Barry died. I used to read all the time before he did.
  • Oh one more thing...I wish Dish Network didnt outsource.  What happened to good old Americans? Why do I have to talk to someone from a foreign country who calls me YO-ANNA.  My name is JOANNA for fucks sake.
Thats it for today. 

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