Rabu, 16 Maret 2016

Do you have a hard time being consistent? Have you ever wanted to try something completely new? Youre so pumped to do it, and you start off strong... and then...it never really takes off? Story of my life. Heres how these things usually happen:
"Hey self?"
"Yeah self?"
"You would be an awesome painter."
"Pffft. Yeah I would. I have the artistic vision of picaso."
"And the social anxiety."
"...and that. Lets try it!"
"In order to do that we need to buy $100 worth of stuff!"
"This is an investment in your creativity. You will use this stuff everyday."
-One Month Later-
"Hey look, remember that time I wanted to be a painter? Heres all that stuff I bought for it and never opened. I should use it someday." *proceeds to stuff painting supplies back under my bed*

Yeah, you know youve done it. And its not that you dont want to be a painter, its just that you arent really consistent with what it takes to do it.

That changes today! Say goodbye to fleeting hobbies and hello to consistency!

How To Stay Consistent

If theres something that you really want to try, but you dont want it to end up like one of your typical abandoned projects, then its time to learn how to be more consistent. Heres the facts:  whatever youre trying to accomplish, whether its losing weight, learning a new hobby, or becoming a better person, its going to take work. So be sure that youre serious about whatever youre doing.

The first step to staying consistent with your goal, is knowing what youre in for. Do research to be sure you understand exactly what its going to take to see the process through start to finish. Next, create a plan. Pull out a calendar write down when you are going to start, and write down when you are going to finish. Then take note of any days that might interrupt what you are trying to do. Come up with a detailed plan and schedule to keep you on track and consistent with your goal.

Next, create a list that outlines every step of the process. Make this list something that you can cross items off of. It is a lot easier to be consistent when you know exactly what is supposed to come next in your process.

As you create your list of steps, incorporate incentives into your steps so once you hit a land mark (maybe you lost 20 pounds or played your first recital) you are rewarded with something that is completely awesome that you would normally have a hard time justifying.

Once youre ready to start, set reminders on your phone to help you stick to the schedule youve developed. If youre practicing an instrument, or trying to set time aside to work on your book, have a reminder go off when its time to get to work!

Finally, track your progress. Its so important to be able to see the progress youve made.

Its amazing what a little consistency can help you accomplish. So now that you now how to be more consistent, the real question is what are you going to do?

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