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Exercise has been a crucial part of maintaining my weight loss. For the most part, exercising feels great... afterwards. Its that first step out the door on the way to the gym or out for a run that is the hardest. After a couple weeks of gym dedication, sometimes we get in the mindset of, "I have done so
well for so long. I deserve a break." Little breaks are fine. One day off from exercising is fine. But two or three days soon turn into a week and before you know it, you havent made it to the gym in weeks. And suddenly that pooch you worked so hard to get rid of with hundreds of sit-ups is coming back.

My problem is that I want every day to be a lazy day. And Ive been living with the consequences of that the last two weeks. After seeing a few pounds creep up I decided that I needed to involve myself in a type of exercise that I could adjust to fit a busy schedule and do pretty much anywhere. So I chose running/walking. I wanted to set a realistic expectation of consistency but still allow myself some breaks.

 After a little thought and planning I finalized a commitment to myself. My running schedule is three days on, one day off, three days on, one day off. This allows me to get in a good lazy day. If I know my lazy days are on Tuesday and Saturday this week, I can plan my running around them. Knowing that I can have days off makes it a lot easier to push through three days of exercise.

Here are 5 steps to implement this  type of exercise schedule into your week:

1. Get a calendar and write your goal at the top: Form an exercise habit by penciling exercise into my schedule and following a consistent pattern of three days on, one day off.

2. Identify the types of exercises you can do in a half hour to 1 hour period. Make sure they arent so hard that youll give up and never exercise again, but also make sure youre challenging yourself.
3. Assess your schedule on a weekly basis. When do you work, when do you have places you need to be, when do you have a half hour of time that is open and where will you be at that time?
4. Write down when youll exercise.
5. Keep a bag near your door or in your car with exercise clothes and running shoes, some deodorant, and some baby wipes (these will come in handy when you have to run on a lunch break).

I applied the above steps on Saturday and have my week planned out. This is what it looks like for me:

Saturday, by some miracle I was home. I needed to clean and run some errands but I managed to get in a 3 mile run/walk first thing when I woke up.

Sunday I usually spend the day at my parents house and catch up on some reading. Sundays are my most relaxed days, so I was able to do a 2 mile run/walk.

Monday is when it started getting a little crazy. I work 8-4:30, and at 5:45 p.m. I had a date. I am terrible at waking up early enough to go running before I have to get ready for work. So I took my running clothes to work, changed into them before I left and stopped by a high school track to do a mile before my date. I changed back into my clothes and met up with my guy for a nice dinner. It was incredibly hard to do that run, it wasnt even a good one. At all. But I knew that as soon as I finished, I was done with three days which meant I could have a day off and not feel guilty about it.

Tuesday was an off day. :) And it was an awesome one.

Today is Wednesday and its also extremely busy. I have work until 4:30, and a fancy date a 6:30 that I have to get ready for. Sooooo... That means by the time I get home at 5:00 p.m. I wont have time to run because that precious hour and a half leading up to my date will be spent curling, powdering, polishing, lining, ect. So... I brought my running clothes to work and Ill be doing a couple miles on my lunch break.

Thursday I have a double date with my dude and his bromance. I know its important to him so I cant skip it. That will happen right after work... So once again, Ill be running on my lunch break.

Friday I have the day off for a family member who is coming to town so I will be doing a nice 5 mile morning run/walk before he gets here and Im whisked away for family activities. :)

Saturday is a day off. And it will be much needed.

Next week I start school again. School part time, work full time, it looks like Im going to have to get used to running on lunch breaks. The thought of being sweaty for the remainder of the day isnt my favorite. But gaining weight back is also not my favorite. I have to choose the lesser of two evils there.

What are some of the ways you incorporate exercise into a busy schedule?

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