Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

I am excited to announce that my roommate and has started the HCG Diet with me! Jessica only wants to lose 20 pounds before she reaches her goal weight, and shes already well on her way.

I couldnt be happier to have someone doing this diet with me who, not only lives with me, but works with me as well. I really need the support at this point. Its been very difficult to stay focused these last two weeks. 

If you dont have a diet buddy, you may want to consider it. Dont believe me? Well, here are 5 things that may change your mind:

1. Someone who understands your diet can more accurately hold you accountable - The HCG Diet is complicated, there are a lot of guidelines that are hard to understand if you arent actually doing the diet. Having a friend who understands them is a great resource if you ever have questions. 

2. Its always nice to express diet frustrations to a friend, face-to-face - Losing weight can be frustrating. Sometimes you need to vent your frustrations about water retention, drinking water, constipation, lack of appetite, and day to day temptations. A diet buddy can be there to listen to these frustrations, and you can count on them offering support instead of suggesting you just give up.

3. You can share recipes and cook for each other - Variety on the HCG is a lot easier to find when you can pick your friends brain for the latest recipes. Its also nice to have an approved dinner with your diet buddy instead of going out to eat in a place surrounded by unhealthy choices.

4. You wont be the only one among your friends trying to change your lifestyle - It is incredibly difficult being the only one at the party who is watching what you eat. Having a friend by your side who is doing exactly what you are doing can make the difference in keeping you on track.
5. They can remind you why youre doing this diet and why you cant give up - On those tough days when you want to walk away from your goal, a call from your diet buddy is the perfect reminder of why you have to continue. Sharing your goals with someone who is willing to hold you accountable will ultimately help you keep the bigger, healthier picture in perspective. 

Jessica and I do grocery shopping together, we spend time with a lot of the same people outside of work, and we are both very determined to reach our goal. I think that these three things will create a combination for success! 

Do you have a diet buddy? 

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