Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

This weekend I tackled a project Ive been dreading... cleaning out my closet. As much as I would have liked to procrastinate the chore, I move in less than a week. I was pretty sure I had some clothes that I needed to purge.

Turns out I was right.

The thought of cleaning my closet wasnt the most pleasant one, but once I got started I realized the task was incredibly motivating for me.

I started by going through my jeans. When I began my HCG journey I was a size 24, Im now at a loose 16. I tried on my favorite pair of size 24 jeans and was relieved to see how baggy they were on me. I tried on pair after pair, and when I was done I had this stack of jeans:

These are the jeans that are too big.... If you compare the stack above to the stack of jeans below (the ones that actually fit), youll see theres a big difference in quantity:

If I put a price tag on all the jeans that are too big for me, it would be close to $500, and its quite likely that they are just going to get donated. Normally Id be upset about that, but knowing that I didnt grow out of them by gaining weight is so much more valuable to me than $500. Im donating them because Im on to skinnier things!

I continued cleaning out my closet, trying on dresses, skirts, tops and sweaters. With each item I tried on, I felt a little more confident in myself. I tried on a dress I wore to a high school dance and found that it was too big! I tried on a jacket I got from dance team in junior high and found that it fit. I tried on a sweater that was tight last winter and its now down to my knees! 

By the end of it, I had more clothes in donation bags than I did in my closet. Part of me was sad that my wardrobe is so diminished, but overall I was so proud of myself. :) If nothing else, this means I have room for new clothes! 

Every step of this journey has been challenging, but I wouldnt go back to where I was for anything. Ive worked so hard to get to where I am and my empty closet is evidence of my accomplishment. 

Its almost refreshing knowing that these clothes will be out of my reach, it just means I cant go back. I dont have "fat pants" to use as a crutch if I gain back any weight. This is my commitment to my new body. 

When was the last time you tried on clothes in your closet?  Was it motivating or discouraging? 

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