Selasa, 22 Maret 2016

Ill post more details tomorrow about what Ive been eating this past week since returning from the Low Carb Meet & Greet last weekend, but, for now, I wanted to share what my typical breakfast/lunch looks like.  I call it my breakfast/lunch because, although it looks like breakfast, I usually eat it around lunch time, and today is no exception.

In an effort to reduce my protein and increase my fat, Im having to really pile it on!  With a little inspiration from Jimmy Moore, heres the big, yummy and filling recipe:

I start by spreading 1 oz. of organic cream cheese on a sandwich plate.  I use my fingers for the spreading and then I lick my fingers.  I then cut 1 Tbs. of organic butter into little pieces and distribute them on top of the cream cheese.  I use a paring knife for the cutting and then I lick the knife.

In a small mixing bowl, I use a wire whip to whip up 2 Omega-3 eggs, plus one more yolk, 1/8 tsp. sea salt and 1/8 tsp. ground turmeric.  I do not lick the wire whip (salmonella).  I put the eggs into a small pan in which I have melted 1 Tbs. of unrefined, organic coconut oil.  I stir the eggs with a rubber spatula over medium heat until just set and still a little wet.

I put the cooked eggs on top of the cream cheese and butter on the plate, being sure to scrape any oil that is still in the pan onto the plate, which melts the cheese and butter, and then I lick the spatula.  The final touch is dotting the eggs with 1 Tbs. organic sour cream and then licking the spoon.  I even use a spoon to eat my eggs/fat/fat meal because I do not want to leave any of the fatty goodness behind on the plate.  Of course, I cant get it all, so I lick the plate when I am done.

 My goal for the day is to eat 187g of fat (85% of my total calories), 54g of protein and 20 grams of carbs.  Along with this meal, I try to get in some raw veggies to up my carbs.  That way, I am not eating the majority of my carbs at dinner.  This meal gets me started, and I run just fine on it until dinner time, rarely experiencing any hunger.  Here is the breakdown of this meal:

557 calories (not that I really care, but some people are interested in that number)
52.7g fat (85.2%)
18g protein (13%)
2.6g carbs (1.8%)

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