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This is the second part in a series about tightening loose skin. For the first part, click here.

In a lot of ways, doing the HCG Diet is like doing damage control after some sort of disaster. At my heaviest weight of 285, my body was a wreck. My bad habits were ruining my cholesterol, joints, metabolism and confidence.

As I start to lose weight my body is no longer in disaster mode, and Im starting the cleanup process. Im undoing the damage I did to my body. But as with any other disaster, even after things are cleaned up, there are still signs of the wreckage. For me, those signs are stretch marks and loose skin.

It almost seems like the more weight I lose, the more noticeable my stretch marks become. In an effort to lessen the appearance of these, Ive started to use Bio Oil.

I found a very helpful post on Squidoo about Bio Oil, I highly recommend reading it. It said that while this product does help reduce the appearance of scars, only 10% saw a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. You can read the full review here.

All that considered, I do feel like this product is worth a shot. For a complete list of Bio Oil ingredients, click here.

While Bio Oil doesnt claim to tighten skin, studies have shown that increasing moisture in to areas of loose skin can improve the appearance of the area. Since Bio Oil moisturizes the skin, this will be a good test to see if it has any tightening benefits.

Since Im doing a review of the product, I thought I better post some before pictures. I always strive to be honest about the way this diet works. Posting these pictures is a continuation of that honesty, so please be kind.

Right arm, above breast

Stretch marks and sagging skin on stomach
I purchased my bottle at Wal-mart for $11.99. I apply the product in the morning when I wake up and after showering in the evening. My first few applications have gone well. I especially love the way this product smells and how soft it makes my skin.

Ill most likely post progress pictures every two weeks. It will take some time before the Bio Oil will have an affect.

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